Laser Power Industrial Automation Trend

New industrial processing
With the upgrading of industrial automation, industrial production has put forward higher requirements for precision, efficiency, reliability, and other aspects, and laser processing equipment has widely replaced traditional processing methods. It is worth noting that with the continuous development of technology, the application of laser technology in various fields is becoming increasingly widespread. Among them, coil fed laser blanking, as a new type of processing equipment, have replaced traditional leveling lines in many industries.

Cost reduction and efficiency improvement goals
In today’s increasingly competitive industrial society, efficient utilization of resources, cost reduction, and energy conservation are important goals for all manufacturing companies. One way to achieve this goal is to develop accurate production plans by understanding technological manufacturing costs, identifying production bottlenecks, and identifying the locations of quality issues. For example, by combining laser blanking system, companies can better utilize raw materials and equipment, reduce raw material costs and energy consumption, and ultimately improve quality.


Customized and intelligent trends
Nowadays, laser processing is developing in the direction of intelligence and automation. It is a customized intelligent laser equipment that integrates advanced technologies from multiple disciplines such as machinery, electronics, control, computer, sensors, and artificial intelligence. It is an inevitable product of the development of laser manufacturing.


With the continuous improvement of intelligence and automation, laser processing not only improves the quality of production, but also relieves workers of complex labor, which can well adapt to the requirements of large-scale mass production in modern manufacturing industry.


The HGTECH laser uncoiling and unloading automatic production line can provide a complete manufacturing process of uncoiling, leveling, cutting, sorting, palletizing, and intelligent warehousing for coil materials, achieving one-stop processing. Compared to traditional processing methods, the use of laser equipment with higher levels of automation and intelligence can generate huge cost-effectiveness. It has the characteristics of occupying less space, optimizing production layout, saving production space and costs, etc. In many cases, laser equipment with higher levels of automation and intelligence can reduce one or more costly manufacturing processes, thereby improving production efficiency.


Intelligent production coil-fed laser blanking lines
All coil-fed laser blanking lines by HGTECH adopts CNC technology control, achieving complete digitization and automation of the entire line. The switching of coil laser cutting is convenient and fast, and the status and data of equipment and production can be remotely called, seamlessly connecting to intelligent factories and digital factories.

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