After-sales issues

What if I am unable to operate after purchasing?

Don’t worry, we’ll provide free training to each customer. We promise to assist you until everything is in order.

Do you have any local service centers?

Please leave a message about your requirements here: and our sales manager in charge of the local market will contact you.

How long does the warranty last?

We provide a 3-year warranty.

Online consultation

I'd like to know how much it costs?

Please leave us a message here: so that we can contact you. More information will be sent to you by our sales manager.

How do I become your agent?

Our professional sales manager will contact you later. Please leave a message here.

Is there anyone who speaks our native tongue?

Yes, we have several sales managers who are in charge of multilingual sales.

I leave my email and phone number, but no one ever contacts me?

Please accept my apologies. Please leave your email or Whatsapp, cutting material, and country here: I will check it with our sales manager and respond as soon as possible.

Machine related issues

What is air-cooled laser welding machine

The biggest feature of air-cooled laser welding machine compared to ordinary laser welding machine is that it is submitted small and can be placed in the trunk of a car for easy transportation. For more details, please refer to the article: SMART HWA Series: Air-cooled laser welding machin

What can it sever? What is the maximum thickness it can cut?

Metal laser machines typically work with carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and alloys.

The maximum thickness varies depending on the model and material. Please see the product introduction page for more information.

I’d like to see some cutting videos.

You can find our company on YouTube, or you can go to the product introduction page to see the corresponding machine video.

What Is the Definition of a Laser Cutting Machine?

A laser cutting machine is a type of laser equipment that uses a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) system to cut metals (steel, copper, brass, aluminum, gold, silver, alloy, iron), acrylic, rubber, wood, plastic, leather, paper, foam, textile, fabric into 2D/3D shapes and profiles. Laser cutting machines are widely used in industrial manufacturing, education, small businesses, home businesses, small shops, home shops, hobbyists, and craftspeople.

A laser cutter kit is made up of the following components: a CNC controller, a machine frame, a laser generator, a laser power supply, a laser tube, a laser head, a laser lens, a laser mirror, a water chiller, a stepper motor or a servo motor, a gas cylinder, an air compressor, a gas storage tank, an air cooling filer, a dryer, a dust extractor, CNC software, and CNC system.

A laser cutting machine may also be referred to as a laser cutter, laser cutter machine, laser cutting system, laser cutting equipment, laser cutting table, laser cut machine, laser cutting tool, laser profile cutting system, and laser profile cutting machine.

How much is a laser cutter machine?

A metal laser cutter can cost anywhere from $10,000 to over $450,000! The low-end metal laser cutter is capable of handling very small, low-volume projects. However, for more common commercial applications, a metal laser cutter that costs more than $20,000 is required. For more information, see “How Much Do Laser Cutting Machines Cost?”

Is laser cutting business profitable?

Because there is no design involved, this option has low start-up costs and is relatively simple. Because the businesses already have a logo, you simply program it into the fiber cutting machine and that’s it. Profit margins are high, and the company has the potential to expand and become a global success.

Can I make a living with industrial laser cutting machine?

Yes! Making money with a laser engraver is a really fun way to make some extra income or even start your own business.To be successful with your laser engraving business, you will need to market it properly and provide excellent customer service and quality, just like any other business.

How thick can a laser welder weld?

The maximum thickness that can be welded in a single pass is determined by the available laser’s maximum power. A 3-kW CO2laser, for example, can effectively weld steel up to about 0.2 inch (5 millimeters) thick, whereas a 25-kW CO2laser can weld steel up to 1-inch (25 millimeters) thick.

How do I choose a laser welding machine?

Check that you have the proper beam diameter.
The diameter has an impact on the welding performance.
We recommend that you select a laser beam with a diameter of 0.2 to 2 mm.

How many types of laser welding are there?

Laser welding can be divided into two types: conduction limited welding and keyhole welding. The mode in which the laser beam interacts with the material being welded is determined by the power density of the beam as it strikes the workpiece.

How much does it cost to laser cut aluminum?

There is basically no loss in laser cutting aluminum, the loss of laser cutting machine mainly comes from the cost of electricity, and sometimes the use of auxiliary gas.
For more details, please check this article: How much does it cost to laser cut aluminum?