A High Efficiency Coil Feed Laser Blanking Line Model Recommendation

Recommended models for coil fed laser cutting lines
The HGTECH high-speed laser intelligent uncoiling and discharging line equipment consists of a loading trolley, uncoiler, plate cleaning machine (expandable configuration), leveling machine, buffer loop, guide and servo feeding machine, laser cutting machine, part cleaning device (expandable configuration), automatic sorting and stacking device (expandable configuration), waste treatment system (expandable configuration), and laser punching system. Integrating hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical control, and laser cutting systems, using laser measurement compensation technology, the collected data is fed back to the CNC system for corresponding position compensation. Through the perfect combination of traditional uncoiling lines and laser cutting technology, the efficient and intelligent production of sheet metal products is achieved through multi head cutting technology.

Five progressiveness characteristics
⑴ Adopting Siemens 840D SL mature CNC system, it has powerful functions, stable system, and strong scalability, just like the most advanced equipment in Germany.
⑵ A layout and programming system with independent intellectual property rights, which can select separate cutting or jigsaw cutting according to the shape of the product, greatly improving cutting efficiency.
(3)The advantages of a lightweight follow-up belt system with independent intellectual property rights are as follows:
① High flexibility, suitable for various batch production, achieving flexible processing;
② Low usage cost, no need for stamping with molds, reducing mold manufacturing and maintenance costs;
③ High material utilization rate, using optimized layout to combine various shapes of parts for edge free cutting;
④ High product quality, suitable for high-precision and non-destructive production of various metal material parts;
⑤ The equipment has low energy consumption and meets the safety, green and environmental protection requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction;
⑥ Advanced technology replaces traditional feeding equipment, resulting in substantial economic returns.
(4)Equipped with an automatic slitting separation system, it can handle waste pieces with a diameter less than 400mm.
(5)Compared to foreign products, the structure is more simplified, with higher acceleration and faster positioning speed. Can ensure long-term cutting efficiency and functionality, with a price reduction of over 50% compared to imported equipment.
That is to say, on the production line, simply setting the cutting parameters and drawings can automatically complete the cutting work, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing production costs.
The HGTECH coil feeding laser cutting line has solved the problem of rapid cutting without molds in the sheet metal manufacturing industry, replacing the production mode of using molds for stamping and cutting in conventional equipment, and effectively improving the utilization rate of materials. It has laid the foundation for building a green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly “smart factory” and has quietly become a new favorite in the sheet metal industry.

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