The Future Star Of The Production Line: High Efficiency Coil Feed Laser Blanking Lines

Laser technology advancement leads industry transformation
In recent years, fiber laser technology has rapidly emerged, occupying a place in the field of laser processing with its unique advantages. Unlike traditional solid or gas lasers, fiber laser has higher brightness and more stable performance.

The highly concentrated light of fiber laser is particularly suitable for fast cutting of thin plates, and fiber guided laser is a solid-state laser that is easy to maintain, integrate, and conduct energy. By arranging several high-power fiber lasers to continuously cut components simultaneously, its production efficiency can be greatly improved, making it significantly advantageous in thin plate cutting. So the research and development of intelligent, adaptable, and low energy consuming laser uncoiling and feeding line equipment is the trend.

New Chapter in Intelligent Manufacturing
The coil feeding laser cutting line cleverly combines the working concepts of unwinding and cutting with laser cutting. Its development not only meets the market’s demand for intelligent, adaptable, and low energy consuming equipment. More importantly, reliable equipment has been provided to achieve intelligent manufacturing, and the technology has reached the international advanced level.

The high-speed laser intelligent uncoiling and feeding line equipment uses multiple laser cutting heads controlled by the laser punching system to dynamically follow and cut on the laser cutting platform, replacing traditional presses and molds. The use of coil materials for continuous production does not result in loss of material head and tail during single sheet production, breaking through the process bottleneck of traditional laser cutting equipment that can only cut single sheets. It can use laser cutting machines to fly cut (follow cutting) the coil materials during the feeding movement, solving the problem of rapid cutting without molds for continuous metal and non-metal strips.

For the processing of high-strength steel, the loss of molds is reduced, comprehensive efficiency is improved, investment in cutting equipment and mold consumption are reduced, and efficient optimization of layout software and multi-channel programming control software are used to maximize the laser cutting technology without overlapping edges, effectively improving material utilization.

With the further development of fiber laser technology and the increasing demand for efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing in the market, the application prospects of high-speed laser intelligent uncoiling and feeding line equipment will be even broader. We believe that the promotion and application of this technology will inject new vitality into the sustainable development of China’s manufacturing industry, leading the industry to new heights.

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