Introduction To Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Application of CNC laser tube cutting machine in the industry
Laser tube cutting machine is a specialized machine tool for laser cutting of tube fittings and profiles, and is the preferred equipment in the non-contact metal tube processing industry. Mainly used for cutting metal tubes such as carbon steel tubes, stainless steel tubes, aluminum alloy tubes (square tubes, round tubes, 0B tubes, profiles).

Widely used in the manufacturing of fitness equipment, smart furniture, petroleum tubelines, construction machinery, shelves and containers, agricultural and forestry machinery, and household appliances.

Principles of laser tube cutting machine
The main working principle of a laser tube cutting machine is to use the laser beam emitted by the laser to generate heat energy, and cooperate with a motion mechanical system to achieve tube cutting. The intelligent system controls the cutting of tubes, which can improve production efficiency.

Laser tube cutting machine type
Laser tube cutting machines mainly include: three chuck laser tube cutting machines, fully automatic laser tube cutting machines, semi-automatic laser cutting machines, manual laser tube cutting machines, and so on.

These laser cutting machines for tubes can cut square tubes, round tubes, I-beams, and special-shaped tubes made of metal materials such as stainless steel tubes, carbon steel tubes, iron tubes, seamless tubes, and galvanized tubes. They can achieve various processing techniques for tubes, such as cutting, oblique cutting, drilling, and 45 degree bevel cutting.

Advantages of laser tube cutting machine
Flexibility: The fiber laser tube cutting machine can cut patterns on metal tubes at will, and the laser can cut in any direction and angle, providing strong and favorable technical support for more and more personalized processing. Moreover, the first cutting does not require mold opening, reducing the cost of traditional equipment’s first mold opening.

Accuracy: Compared to traditional processing equipment such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, and water cutting, the accuracy of laser cutting of metal materials is much higher. At the same time, different materials may undergo slight expansion and contraction deformation during the processing, and laser tube cutting machines can flexibly adjust according to these deformations, which is also not achievable by many traditional processes.

Laser tube cutting machine is selected for tube processing
With the continuous progress of technology in various industries, the demand for metal tubes is increasing, and the processing technology of tubes is gradually developing and maturing. Especially with the advent of laser tube cutting machines, the quality and efficiency of tube processing have improved significantly.

As is well known, any new technology, from its inception to its widespread recognition, will inevitably be accompanied by new developments. If a new technology wants to break tradition, it must have its unique advantages. Laser tube cutting machine is a high-tech product that integrates CNC technology, laser cutting, and precision machinery.

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