Analyzing the Five Major Components of Laser Welding Equipment

Speaking of laser welding machines, I believe everyone is familiar with them. In the production process of many modern products, laser welding machines have played a very important role. Compared to traditional welding, laser welding machines have advantages such as high welding efficiency, good welding quality, simple operation, and low overall cost. It is very popular in the modern market. Many people often only pay attention to the price of laser welding equipment and overlook the quality of its components when purchasing it. So, let’s follow the laser editor to learn about the five major components that need to be understood when purchasing laser welding equipment?

Firstly, the laser welding host part.

The laser welding machine host is the core part of the laser welding machine, mainly consisting of core accessories such as a laser generator, power supply, control system, and optical path.

The second is the laser welding automatic workbench.

The laser welding machine workbench is used to achieve laser welding. The laser beam moves according to the welding trajectory according to specific requirements, achieving automatic laser welding function. Generally, there is workpiece movement.

The third is the welding cooling system.

The cooling system of the laser welding machine provides cooling function for the laser generator, usually equipped with a 1-5 horsepower water circulation chiller.

The fourth is the observation system.

The laser welding machine observation system is also an important component of the laser welding machine system. Its main function is to conduct real-time microscopic observation of the workpiece, which is used to facilitate precise positioning and inspection of the welding effect during the welding process when programming the welding program. Generally, a CCD display system is configured.

The fifth is the fixture.

During the working process of the laser welding machine, the laser welding fixture is mainly used to fix the welded workpiece and enable it to be repeatedly loaded, unloaded, and positioned, in order to facilitate automatic laser welding. Therefore, fixture is one of the essential equipment in laser welding production, especially in batch production. Whether the fixture is designed properly will directly affect the efficiency and yield of production.

The above is the main components of laser welding machines. Laser welding machines are precision welding equipment. In practical applications, we need to fully ensure the normal operation of these parts in order to make the laser welding machine work more efficiently and stably. At the same time, it is recommended that customers also consider the after-sales service capabilities of the equipment manufacturer when purchasing laser welding equipment. After all, the equipment will have some problems to some extent after being used for a long time. Good after-sales service can solve problems in a more timely manner and help customers reduce losses.

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