Laser Programming Software Promotes Welding Automation

Difficulties in laser automated welding


In the process of automated laser welding operations, many equipment still require manual programming. Once the graphics are complex, the welding process and difficulty will greatly increase. Moreover, manual programming is generally suitable for single head equipment and cannot avoid the risk of collision between double head equipment.

To solve the many problems faced by pressure vessel equipment in the process of generating processing programs and maximize the automation of nesting, it is necessary to seek a better segmented and partitioned method to meet the intelligent production needs of the equipment.
HGTECH  Pressure Vessel Laser Welding Programming Software is used for computer graphic processing of CAD drawings of welding pressure vessels, achieving the process of segmenting, partitioning, sorting, feature marking, and other functions of CAD drawings, and ultimately generating G code programs for equipment operation. The nesting planning section plans a feeding and XY motion path based on the user imported sheet metal welding pattern design file (. dxf) and the template file of the gas slot, as well as the processing number of the equipment and the travel of the XY platform, thereby achieving automation and intelligence of the entire process.
The automatic generation of laser welding trajectory through programming software mainly includes the following steps: part feature recognition, parameter statistics, and segment line setting.
(1) Part feature recognition. By analyzing CAD drawings, mark the feature types of each contour, including weld seams, trajectories, circles, and waist circles.
(2) Parameter statistics. Count the positions of each circle and calculate the lateral closest distribution distance of the circle. Use the circle with the highest proportion as the segmentation reference point to set the segmentation spacing and adjustment distance during segmentation.
(3) Segmentation line settings. According to the distribution of circles and waist circles, the position of the segmentation line should be reasonably set, and the part drawing should be divided into several segments. The spacing between each segment should be less than the width of the equipment air slot. At the same time, the segmented line cannot pass through the position of the circle and waist circle.
(4) Generate G code. After completing the previous steps, the software can generate the G code corresponding to the multi head machining of the device, and support custom settings for subroutines.
Advantages of Laser Welding Programming Software for Huagong Laser Pressure Vessels

HGTECH Pressure Vessel Laser Welding Programming Software not only supports laser welding zoning for rectangular plates, but also zoning for irregular parts. The laser welding of conventional rectangular plates can be achieved through manual programming, but when faced with irregular parts, manual programming is difficult to calculate accurately. In this case, the convenience of programming software will have more advantages in the application of irregular plates.

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