The rust removal experts for the die and mold industry: Smart HC series laser cleaning machine

Laser processing technology is now being applied and promoted at a rapid pace, and laser manufacturing can be found in various industrial fields. In the mold industry, laser cleaning has huge advantages over traditional surface cleaning.

Injection molding, die-casting, stamping, stretching and other initial product forming are all dependent on the mold to complete, and it is the carrier and reliance for the production of high volume industrial products.

A common problem is the rust cleaning of the mold. Most industrial molds are metal steel, and many of them often rust when they are temporarily set aside or in a standby stage after use. Since the molds must be cleaned before they can be used on the machine, traditional cleaning can take a lot of labor and bring greater cleaning trouble to the manufacturer.

Laser cleaning is an effective and efficient method to remove rust and oxide layers from the surface of metal materials. By having a high energy density laser to interact with specific substances, through the energy conversion generated by the force to overcome the force of the bond between the cleaned material and the substrate, to light stripping, vaporization, ablation, plasma impact, vibration and other processes, so that the pollutants from the material surface to achieve the purpose of cleaning, and the object to be cleaned itself is not damaged.

Compared with traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning has the advantages of non-contact, no damage to the substrate, precise cleaning, environmental protection, online availability, and is especially suitable for high-speed online cleaning in designated areas.

HG STAR new generation high-tech surface treatment products, HC SERIES, which are easy to install, operate and can be automated. It is simple to operate. Turn on the power, let the equipment on, and the cleaning can be carried out without chemical reagents, medium, dust, and water. It can be fitted to the curved surface, with good cleaning effect. It can remove resin, paint, oil stains, stains, dirt, rust, coating, plating and oxide layer on the surface of objects.

Product features:

  • Non-contact cleaning, no damage to the substrate.
  • Precise cleaning, can achieve selective cleaning of precise position and size.
  • No chemical cleaning fluid, no consumables, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Simple operation, can be hand-held or fitted with manipulator to realize automatic cleaning.
  • The ergonomic design greatly reduces the labor intensity of operation.
  • High cleaning efficiency and save time.
  • The laser cleaning system is stable and requires almost no maintenance.
    Optional mobile battery module.

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