When should you choose a laser cutting machine?

The heat produced by a laser beam directed by mirrors or optical fibers is used by laser cutting equipment. You can cut a variety of materials using different types of lasers.

Typically, CO2 laser cutting equipment are used to cut soft steel, wood, glass, foam, plastic, and foam. Copper and brass, which reflect light, cannot be sliced by a CO2 laser.

Sheet metal, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and a few types of polymers are the only materials that can be cut with the more potent fiber laser cutting equipment.

By adjusting the laser’s specifications, you may cut a variety of materials without switching out tools. With a very narrow notch width that allows for intricate shapes, it is a very precise technique. The pace of cutting can be extremely quick depending on the substance being cut. Accident risk is significantly reduced by the complete automation and low level of human interaction present in laser cutting devices.

Laser cutting has a short cutting depth of approximately 25 millimeters, which is its biggest drawback. As a result, the production of sheet metal (particularly for the automotive industry) and frames are the primary applications of laser cutting (for electrical cabinets, computers, etc.). The best technique is plasma cutting for objects that are 25 mm or thicker. The laser beam only heats a small region, but because of the intense temperature increase, it can undergo significant deformation.

Gaseous emissions from laser cutting necessitate adequate ventilation in the room where the machine is situated.

Metal laser cutting equipment from HGSTAR

HGSTAR fiber laser cutting equipment uses the finest quality manufactured power sources. The primary factors that alter the cutting dynamics of fibers in a fiber laser are its power, wavelength, spot size, beam quality, and power ranges. For cutting larger or different-sized metals, CW lasers are the ideal choice, while pulsed lasers are frequently more affordable for cutting thin metals. HGSTAR METAL laser CUTTING MACHINES is where you can discover fiber laser cutting equipment.

HGSTAR Laser can provide your business with a metal cutter that yields the greatest speed, operating cost, and cut quality for your particular application whether you have a manufacturing line or a small shop.

For a demonstration of any of our laser systems, feel free to get in touch with us or even stop by. If you’d like to obtain laser-cut promotional samples or more details on any one

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