3D Five Axis Laser Cutting Technology and Its Development

The three-dimensional five axis fiber laser cutting machine is regarded as the pearl on the crown of high-power laser processing equipment, mainly used for cutting holes and trimming three-dimensional irregular surfaces, replacing punching and trimming molds. In the early days, manual plasma cutting of three-dimensional workpieces was used in China, but the cutting effect was not ideal. In recent years, robot 3D laser cutting machines have been developed in China, and the cutting effect has been improved to some extent. However, due to the low accuracy of robots and cutting accuracy, they have only been applied in some industries with low requirements. In the automotive industry, there is a high demand for cutting accuracy in the trial mold. The three-dimensional five axis fiber laser cutting machine is popular due to its high production efficiency and stable performance.

The 3D five axis fiber laser cutting machine is a high-end machine tool equipment that integrates light, machinery, electricity, and gas. It is applied in the automotive industry, mold industry, military and aerospace industries, household appliances industry, and special-shaped pipe cutting. It is mainly suitable for metal cutting of curved thin plates.


With the increasingly advanced and advanced 3D five axis laser cutting technology, its performance and functionality are becoming increasingly powerful. The development trend of the technology is as follows:


  1. High acceleration, high speed: The product acceleration is getting higher, the product speed is getting faster, and the production efficiency is getting higher and higher;


  1. High cutting speed and precision: Only with fast cutting speed can production efficiency be high and production costs be reduced; High positioning speed and high repeated positioning accuracy are necessary to achieve high cutting accuracy and meet the increasing demand for product quality;


  1. Automation and intelligence: With the increasing cost of labor, products need to develop towards high automation and intelligence; On the one hand, high automation can reduce manpower and save costs; On the other hand, high intelligence makes the operation of machine equipment technology simple, less dependent on personnel technology, simple, easy to learn, and can also reduce costs.


Application Development Trends


On the one hand, the continuous optimization and improvement of product performance, as well as the continuous decrease in product prices, have led to more and more users being able to afford it. Basically, three-dimensional and five axis laser cutting processes can be adopted with priority, replacing traditional processing methods.


On the other hand, 3D five axis laser cutting technology promotes personalized product design, allowing engineering designers to unleash personalized design and design more exquisite products that are no longer constrained by traditional processing methods.


Furthermore, the entry of hot forming technology into the automotive industry has made 3D five axis laser cutting machines an irreplaceable process in automotive production. With more and more car models adopting hot forming technology, more and more 3D five axis laser cutting machines are entering automotive production lines. At present, only high-end cars are in use, but with the development of technology, economy cars and new energy vehicles will also adopt hot forming technology.


According to research and analysis in the automotive industry, in the future, car upgrades will be faster, and the era of producing millions of vehicles in a single model has become history. The number of single car models is gradually decreasing, and the cost of molds is very high. The 3D five axis laser cutting machine will reflect lower usage costs and meet the needs of the times.


In summary, in the automotive industry, especially in the automotive hot forming industry, with the continuous application and development of three-dimensional and five axis laser cutting, the level of automotive manufacturing technology is becoming increasingly advanced and production efficiency is increasing. This not only solves the problem of high strength steel in automotive hot forming, but also promotes the development of personalized design for automobiles.


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