Application Advantage Of Ultra Large Laser Cutting Machine

With the advancement of the times, laser cutting technology has been continuously developed and advanced, and the laser power has increased from 500W and 1kW in residential areas to 30kW and 60kW today. The reason why ultra large laser cutting machines can be vigorously developed is because it has advantages that cannot be replaced by traditional cutting, such as good cutting quality, fast cutting speed, safety and pollution-free, and a variety of cutting materials.

The specific application of laser cutting machines
Ultra large laser cutting machines are usually applied in various industries such as aerospace, shipbuilding, furniture decoration, medical equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery, automotive industry, etc.

The shipbuilding industry mainly relies on steel plate materials, and the cutting demand mainly comes from the cutting of ship plate components and other materials. Large format laser cutting machine can expand the cutting range to meet the needs of the vast majority of sheet metal cutting.

The ship’s hull steel plate obtained through a super large laser cutting machine has good cutting seam quality, good perpendicularity of the cutting surface, no slag hanging, thin oxide layer, smooth surface, no need for secondary processing, can be directly welded, and has small thermal deformation. The curve cutting accuracy is high, reducing working hours and achieving barrier free cutting of precision ship plates.

To a certain extent, it compensates for the shortcomings of traditional machining modes such as flame cutting and plasma cutting in terms of cutting seam width and poor cutting accuracy, and can better ensure the strength of ship components and the quality of ship manufacturing; Fast processing speed, high production efficiency, can greatly shorten the shipbuilding cycle.

In addition, ultra large laser cutting machines have great advantages in dealing with medium and thick plate processing. In the processing of medium and thick plates and heavy pipes, ultra high power ultra large laser cutting machines not only replace plasma and flame cutting methods, but also partially replace drilling machines and high-precision milling machines. Compared to traditional plasma cutting, the cutting speed is faster, and as the power increases, the cutting speed of 10mm-50mm carbon steel plates will continue to increase. Similarly, as the power increases, the ultimate cutting thickness of carbon steel plates also continues to increase. Providing more efficient and high-quality cutting and drilling methods for industries such as shipbuilding, heavy industry, steel structure, and rail.

The increasingly fierce competition is driving the improvement of market requirements for intelligent shipbuilding processes, safety, reliability, and quality of shipbuilding materials. The cutting and welding technology in traditional shipbuilding is bound to be replaced by new technologies. Laser is known as the “fastest knife,” “most accurate ruler,” and “brightest light.” Due to its high precision, high efficiency, and other characteristics, whether it is flat cutting or welding, the application of laser technology will undoubtedly occupy a pivotal position in the intelligent manufacturing process of the shipbuilding industry.

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