Application of Laser Pipe Cutting Machine in Kitchen And Bath Industry

Kitchen and bath products are updated rapidly and the market demand is large. Many manufacturers use laser pipe cutting machines, which not only have fast processing speed, high efficiency, and easy operation, but also can complete plate cutting of various shapes without the need for mold or tool replacement, shortening the time.

Most kitchen and bath products are made of stainless steel, which is widely favored by the market because of its corrosion resistance, aesthetics and practicality. The traditional sheet metal processing method is cumbersome, time-consuming and has high labor costs, which cannot meet the needs of the market. With the introduction of laser tube cutting machines, the kitchen and bath supplies manufacturing industry has taken on a completely new look.

During the processing, cutting of stainless steel materials and pattern engraving on metal surfaces can be completed by automatically programming the fiber laser cutting machine. Different from traditional processing methods, laser pipe cutting technology has the advantages of high cutting precision, fast cutting speed and has no need for secondary processing.

In addition, it is very important that pipe laser cutting processing saves companies a lot of costs. Moreover, the application of pipe laser cutting machines simplifies the processing technology and procedures at a higher level. The production cycle is short, there is no need to make molds, and the time cost of mold opening is reduced. The performance is stable and there are very few failures. There will be no problems appeared when processing kitchen and bathroom products. Stamping and processing surfaces are burr-free and require no secondary processing. Prototyping can quickly achieve mass production. In addition, labor costs will be greatly saved. What used to be done by ten people can now be finished by one person.

In recent years, the customization phenomenon has become very popular in the industry. How customized products should be provided to meet consumer needs has put the relationship between production standardization and market demand personalization back in front of enterprise development. Laser tube cutting technology well meets the customized needs of the kitchen and bath products market. It has no burrs on the processed surface and does not need secondary processing, and no proofing is required. Mass production can be quickly achieved after problems arise.

Kitchen and bath products, as a part of furniture, can be the icing on the cake for embellishment of the entire home environment. They can also objectively reflect people’s life taste and habits. Good kitchenware can also make consumers feel comfortable using them and use it with confidence.

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