Application of Laser Welding Machine in Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Laser welding machine is a machine for laser material processing. According to its working mode, it is divided into automatic laser welding machine, laser spot welding machine and optical fiber laser welding machine. The principle is to use the laser pulse emitted by the laser welding machine to locally heat the material in a small area, guide the internal diffusion of the material through heat transfer, and melt the material to form a specific molten pool to achieve the purpose of welding.

The laser welding machine is different from the traditional welding machine. Because of the huge heat input, the traditional welding method will inevitably bring the distortion of the workpiece and other problems. The laser welding is not only low noise, high efficiency, smoke-free and dust-free, but also can realize the beautiful heat conduction welding of the weld, and also can realize the deep penetration welding with high welding strength and high welding speed. For example, the appearance parts of elevators, kitchenware and automobile equipment need very beautiful, smooth and deformation free welding effect. Laser welding has become more and more popular in sheet metal manufacturing.

In addition, the laser welding machine determines the welding speed and welding depth and width according to individual needs, which can greatly improve the welding efficiency and stability. The laser welding machine is more and more widely used in modern industry. In order to reduce the distortion of the workpiece, a large number of subsequent processing means are needed, thus increasing the cost

In modern sheet metal manufacturing, the requirements for welding strength and appearance effect are different according to different products. Laser welding has small heat input and small heat affected zone, which can effectively improve the quality of welding products and reduce the time of follow-up work. However, some internal structural parts or parts that need to be sprayed subsequently have higher requirements for welding strength and welding speed. Especially for parts with high added value and high requirements for welding quality, it is required to complete them without or with little follow-up processing.

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