A Different World Of Automotive Laser Welding

With the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for car quality and performance, including safety and comfort, are becoming increasingly high.

Automotive laser welding
The application of laser welding technology in automobile manufacturing can effectively improve the accuracy and quality of body welding, and has an important promoting effect on the improvement of automobile quality. Laser welding has become one of the important means in industrial manufacturing due to its advantages of high energy density, small deformation, narrow heat affected zone, high welding speed, easy implementation of automatic control, and no subsequent processing.

The working principle of laser welding
Laser welding technology actually belongs to melt welding technology, which mainly uses laser beams as energy source to impact the joints of welded parts, in order to achieve the purpose of welding. The principle is to generate a high-power laser beam through an optical oscillator and apply the laser beam to the metal surface, vaporizing the metal in a short period of time. The vaporization hole is surrounded by molten metal liquid, forming a weld seam through stress reaction, heating and cooling, and completing the welding of metal parts. The density of the laser beam itself has a certain impact on the depth of the weld seam. When the density is high, the penetration depth is greater, making the weld seam deeper. Conversely, the lower the density, the smaller the penetration depth, and the shallower the weld seam.

Different welding methods for laser welding
Laser fiber welding
Laser brazing “refers to the process of using light energy (laser) to melt the brazing material while placing a wire like brazing material between the base metal for bonding. The base material basically does not melt, so the thermal deformation can be controlled within the ideal range. This will not affect the appearance of the product and can achieve lightweight and high rigidity joints.

Laser composite welding
Including laser self fusion welding, laser hybrid welding, and laser arc composite welding.

Laser remote welding
Laser remote welding technology mainly utilizes high-speed scanning galvanometer for long-distance processing, focusing laser beams of different power densities on the surface of parts through reflection, and effectively welding them.

Laser welding is an emerging field of welding technology, but it has advantages that traditional welding processes cannot match. Meanwhile, with the active and widespread promotion of the industrial application of laser welding technology by domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers in recent years, it has promoted the continuous maturity of laser welding technology and laser equipment technology, effectively reducing the cost of laser welding industrialization, and cultivating a large number of technical talents in laser welding, opening up a new field of thin plate welding, reducing the quality of car white body, increasing body strength, and improving the welding process of parts for automobile manufacturers, Provided new solutions.

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