Do You Know About Tube Laser Cutting Machine?

Tube laser cutting machine is a high-end mechanical equipment for precision processing and cutting of raw materials of pipes. It is generally composed of laser generator, load-bearing bed, cutting head, pipe clamping chuck, cooling device and control system.

Advantages of Tube laser cutting machine:

(1) It can carry out mass and efficient production and manufacturing, with high precision of pipe cutting, no deformation of material, no need for secondary polishing and other processing, saving costs.

(2)The interface of the operating system is simple and clear, and the operation process is simple. Only by importing the design drawings, it can quickly cut and process. The  process can be monitored in real time, and the processing is safe, stable and efficient.

(3)High-efficiency dedusting design, energy saving, more centralized dedusting, cleaner dust residue cleaning, reducing the trouble of subsequent cleaning.

Laser technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and has been gradually applied to many industries. Laser cutting has gradually developed from single plane plate cutting to metal composite materials, such as three-dimensional groove cutting, special-shaped pipe cutting, etc. The advent of professional laser pipe cutting machine has greatly improved the production efficiency of metal composite pipes.

Advantages of fiber tube laser cutting machine:

The basic cutting concept of fiber laser pipe cutting machine is no different from that of plane plate laser cutting machine. The laser pipe cutting machine mainly cuts standard and non-standard parts, such as round tubes, square tubes, elliptical tubes, and non-standard parts such as angle steels, channel steels, beams, composite profiles, etc. Compared with traditional processing technology, it has the following advantages:

(1) The cutting accuracy is high, and the pipe accuracy can be stabilized at ± 0.03mm.

(2) The cutting surface is smooth, flat, without burr, the cutting seam is small, and the raw material loss is small.

(3)Non-contact cutting, laser cutting is local thermal processing cutting, the heat affected area is small, and the finished product is basically free of deformation.

(4) It has high cutting efficiency, can be equipped with automatic feeding function, and can carry out long-term batch cutting, and the cutting speed can reach 10m/min.

(5) Intelligent operation system, clear operation interface, simple operation, and cutting can be carried out by importing corresponding drawings.

To sum up, a tube laser  cutting machine can replace multiple processes such as opening, drilling and sawing, and the finished product does not need polishing in the later stage. One equipment can complete the work of the traditional four equipment, and it only takes one fifth of the time of the traditional process to complete the same or even better finished products. The fiber laser pipe cutting machine has successfully changed the current pipe processing market. At present, laser pipe cutting machine has been widely used in sheet metal processing companies, kitchen appliances, lighting equipment, cars, medical equipment, hardware, fitness equipment and other industries.

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