Is air cooling of laser welding machine better than water cooling?

Laser welding machine bids farewell to the water-cooled era丨air-cooled laser welding machine challenges the limit of air-cooling

In recent years, with the development of laser welding technology, many traditional welding processes have been transformed into laser welding. Laser welding is currently mainly aimed at the field of thin plates. It has advantages that traditional equipment can’t match. It has the characteristics of high welding efficiency, good quality, and simple operation. The machine occupies a unique position in the welding field.

Air-cooled laser welding machine

At present, most popular laser welding machines are in the form of water-cooled refrigeration. The weight of the whole machine with coolant is about 300-400kg, which is inconvenient to carry. In terms of size, a car cannot be installed. At least a pickup truck is required to put it down. The new laser welding machine adopts air-cooled refrigeration, without additional water-cooling equipment, which reduces the cost of use and improves portability. The integrated design of the cabinet makes the whole more reliable.

Performance advantages of air-cooled laser welding machine:

The difference between water-cooled and air-cooled laser welding machines lies in the cabinet. The original water-cooled is replaced by air-cooled. The weight of the whole machine is directly reduced to about 60kg. Adults can lift and move with both hands, and they can also be pushed and pulled with both hands. It is easy to carry, and the weight is reduced. The integrated cabinet design makes the volume more compact. Ordinary cars can also be easily installed, making outdoor operations possible. The equipment adopts three-phase 220V power supply, and the usage scenarios are more extensive. Hand-held operation allows easy hands-on operation with zero experience. The air-cooled refrigeration can be used by the operator for 18 hours of continuous work, which is sufficient for most use cases.

Traditional welding equipment is mostly carbon dioxide shielded welding and arc welding, and the speed is basically 10mm/s, while the speed of laser welding machine is generally 20-100mm/s according to the thickness of the material, and the efficiency is basically increased by about 5 times. Laser welding machine Mainly aimed at the field of thin plates, the welding performance of thin plates within 4mm is much higher than the traditional welding process. Traditional welding materials need to be polished, otherwise it is difficult to directly proceed to the next step. However, the materials after laser welding are beautiful and have small weld marks, and the next step can be carried out almost without treatment.

The advent of the air-cooled laser welding machine makes it possible for outdoor travel welding by laser welding. At present, laser welding has a wider range of applications. It is currently widely used in guardrail manufacturing, interior decoration, door and window design, equipment processing, automobile manufacturing, machinery production and other industries

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