Laser Cutting Machine Picosecond Cutting


With the changes in the diversified cutting needs of the market, laser cutting machines have become increasingly important. It can not only cut materials with high hardness and brittleness, such as silicon nitride, ceramics, glass, quartz, etc., but also cut and process flexible materials.

  Picosecond Cut:

Laser processing is also called cold working, as the interaction time of the laser and the material is extremely short. When the laser pulse width reaches the picosecond or femtosecond level,

Laser Picosecond Cutting Machine

the influence on the thermal motion of the molecules can be avoided, and the surrounding material will not be thermally affected. Laser “cold working” can reduce melting and heat affected zone, resulting in less microcracks in material.

Picosecond laser wire cutting technology is used to cut the whole plate of the mobile phone camera protection glass to replace the traditional CNC processing mode.

Laser cutting machine picosecond glass cutting is an easy-to-control non-contact and low-polluting technology, which brings great green and environmental convenience to customers while cutting, and at the same time, it can ensure neat edges, good verticality and smoothness under fast cutting. The advantage of low internal damage is becoming a popular new solution in the glass cutting industry.

At present, in my country’s consumer market, the picosecond laser cutting machine, as an emerging equipment in the field of micro-processing, has a wide range of applications, providing a good market environment for the picosecond laser cutting machine. It is a cross-generational “knife”. With the continuous development of laser technology, laser picosecond laser cutting machines have been supported by hard technology, and have also extended to the manufacturing market. New damper and dust removal duct, fully automatic area dust removal, more energy saving and environmental protection, optional power from 3000W to 12000W, a variety of cutting formats, and solutions can be provided according to customer needs.

  Product description:

● Use the picosecond wire-cutting technology to “cut through” the material directly;

● Using PSO control for cutting, um-level accuracy, path and control are synchronized to achieve “shaped cutting”;

● Equipped with CCD visual positioning, offset correction compensation, “unlimited correction”;

● Customize the automatic loading and unloading system to meet the ergonomic design, so that the processing is “saving effort and rest assured”;

Laser Picosecond Cutting

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