Only 30 minutes! Version 2.0 Leads the Green Cleaning Trend

Under the dual carbon targets, laser cleaning is rapidly gaining popularity in industries such as tires, clean energy, and shipbuilding for its high efficiency, precise control, and environmentally friendly characteristics, becoming a new solution in the traditional cleaning market.


2.0 Tire Mold Intelligent Online Laser Cleaning Equipment

Recently, HGLaser, a subsidiary of HGTECH, launched a new generation of tire mold intelligent online laser cleaning equipment, which can clean two sets of tire molds online in as fast as 30 minutes. Upon its release, the equipment was favored by a leading domestic tire company, securing dozens of orders. It aims to comprehensively replace traditional cleaning technologies and foster new productivity through innovation.

Comparison chart of 2.0 version tire mold laser cleaning

From 0 to 1, Every Innovation Originates from Demand

In the production process of automobile tires, molds are crucial tools used during the vulcanization process. During use, they inevitably accumulate deposits from rubber, additives, and mold release agents used in the vulcanization process. If not cleaned effectively and promptly, these deposits can directly impact tire quality. Therefore, maintaining the cleanliness of tire molds is paramount.

Traditional methods of mold cleaning include sandblasting, ultrasonic cleaning, or dry ice cleaning. However, these methods are characterized by high labor intensity, long processing times, high energy consumption, and dust and noise pollution, making them inadequate for modern tire production’s requirements for low-carbon, environmental protection, energy saving, and emission reduction.

HGTECH has always adhered to driving innovation based on business scenarios, focusing on industry core demands such as improving quality, reducing costs, and enhancing efficiency. In February 2023, HGTECH successfully launched and put into operation the first domestic tire mold intelligent online laser cleaning equipment. This innovation effectively addresses the pain points and challenges in traditional cleaning methods such as long standby times, repeated disassembly, mold wear, incomplete cleaning, environmental pollution, and high energy consumption. It marks the beginning of a new era in “low-carbon” and “automated” tire mold cleaning.

Version 1.0 Tire Mold Intelligent Online Laser Cleaning Equipment

Version 2.0 Released, “Intelligent Manufacturing” Upgraded Again

Keeping pace with the times is the only way to stay at the forefront. Integrating deep insights into user demands and forward-looking trends in the tire mold industry, HGTECH’s new generation tire mold intelligent online laser cleaning equipment starts from three aspects: digitalization, greenization, and high efficiency. It continues to accelerate the transformation of the tire manufacturing industry from “traditional manufacturing” to “green intelligent manufacturing.”

New Generation Tire Mold Intelligent Online Laser Cleaning Equipment
Seven Highlights!

Doubled Efficiency
– Online cleaning efficiency for two sets of molds in full-steel vulcanization machines (fastest) reduced from 90 minutes to 45 minutes
– Online cleaning efficiency for two sets of molds in semi-steel vulcanization machines (fastest) reduced from 60 minutes to 30 minutes

Safety and Stability
– Utilizes the new generation 4T omnidirectional mobile chassis for simpler and more flexible operation, equipped with laser radar safety protection to ensure safety.

Digital Brain
– New 3D visual automatic cleaning path planning system, featuring dual functionality of offline model import and real-time online modeling, adapting to various needs.

Innovative Design
– Exclusive design compatible with both semi-steel/full-steel and lifting/rotating vulcanization machines.

Balancing Quality and Efficiency
– Newly upgraded laser energy output system ensures precise and controllable line energy for ultimate cleaning quality and efficiency.

Intelligent Efficiency
– New operational condition self-learning cleaning system with over a thousand model expert databases, enabling easier operation and more efficient cleaning.

Green and Low Carbon
– Incorporates new intelligent design concepts, compatible with expanding smart factory applications, fostering new green productivity.

Currently, HGTECH focuses on the development and application of green cleaning technologies around new energy vehicles and their supply chains, promoting green production processes, and continuously empowering the transformation and upgrade of traditional industries.

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