Precision+Proficiency+Expertise, China’s Laser Equipment Market May Break Through The Billions Level Mark

Nowadays, the problem of insufficient productivity caused by aging population and labor shortage has intensified, promoting the widespread and in-depth application of highly automated laser equipment products in the industrial field. According to data from Wuhan Literature and Information Center, the market size of laser equipment used in the industrial field in China accounted for over 62% in 2020.

Laser equipment has its own strong advantages in improving efficiency and reducing costs. Laser automated processing equipment, laser components, lasers, laser cutting control systems, etc. can effectively compensate for the productivity shortage caused by labor shortages. So, in the long run, the penetration rate of laser technology will continue to deepen.
Because of its good optical properties, laser has been widely used in aerospace, military, medical, microelectronics and other fields since it was invented in the 1960s. Therefore, laser, atomic energy, semiconductor, and computer are called the most important the Four Great Inventions in the 20th century.
In recent years, the efficiency of China’s laser industry has increased significantly, with a sharp increase in the number of registered enterprises in the laser field. According to the China Enterprise Database Enterprise Search Cat, there are currently 56959 laser industry enterprises in China, mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, and Central China. It is not difficult to see from the following points that China’s laser industry has entered a stable and large-scale development.
Widely used products
Compared to traditional processing technologies, laser technology has the characteristics of high precision, cleanliness, environmental protection, and high degree of automation. The application of laser technology can effectively improve product quality and reduce production costs. At the same time, laser technology, as one of the core technologies in high-end manufacturing, has an important advantageous position in fields such as precision machining manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing.
Highlighting technological advantages
At present, domestic laser equipment manufacturing enterprises are continuously increasing their research and development capabilities and building innovative platforms that integrate research and development, manufacturing, and marketing. In terms of small, high-power, and intelligent products and technologies, domestic laser technology has continuously approached foreign technology, and even surpassed foreign levels in some fields.
Stable industrial cluster
With the successive introduction of national policies on the laser related industry and the continuous support of local subsidy measures, such as financial loans, tax exemptions, marketing subsidies, patent subsidies, etc., various regions are vigorously promoting the construction of scientific and technological achievements transformation platforms and actively creating laser industry innovation clusters.
According to the prediction of China Academy of Commerce and Industry, the market size of laser equipment in China will reach 93 billion yuan in 2022. For the future development of laser enterprises, the editor believes that efforts need to be made in the following three aspects: first, “precision”: proficient in technological research and innovation; Second, “familiarity”: familiarity with industry and market development needs; Three “specialties”: multi-dimensional improvement of enterprise focus and product core competitiveness.
According to data from Wuhan Literature and Information Center, the market size of laser equipment in China has increased from 9.7 billion yuan in 2010 to 69.2 billion yuan in 2020, with a CAGR of 19.6%. With the increasing demand for automation and intelligent production modes in China’s manufacturing industry, industries such as semiconductors and optics, displays, and consumer electronics are all in a continuous growth state. In the future, laser technology will further promote the upgrading of China’s traditional manufacturing stock market to intelligence. China’s laser industry is also bound to usher in a new development climax, and the goal of breaking through billions of yuan in the laser equipment market size may soon be achieved!

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