In the Global Show, China’s Smart Manufacture Soars!

On April 1st, HGTECH unveiled a variety of high-power laser cutting intelligent machines at the South Korea International Machine Tool Show (SIMTOS), showcasing the solid strength of Chinese-made lasers. With a focus on sheet metal cutting machine, the combination of “laser + intelligent manufacturing” is shining brightly in overseas markets!

The South Korea International Machine Tool Show (SIMTOS) is the largest industrial manufacturing industry exhibition in South Korea, gathering more than 1,300 exhibitors from over 35 countries and regions worldwide, providing a platform for them to discuss the trends of the metal manufacturing industry together.

April 1st to 5th, 2024
Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX)
Booth Number: Hall 9, 09G750

Laser Innovation
At the second Global Agents Conference of HGTECH, the customized version of the H-beam steel laser cutting machine gained favor among overseas clients.
At the SIMTOS, HGTECH brought this “flexible and popular” machine to the exhibition, showcasing it alongside the “evergreen” exhibition– MARVEL fiber laser cutting series, demonstrating its charm.
Steel Profiles 3D Laser Cutting Machine – STC Series
As a specialized equipment for processing steel profiles, the STC Series is suitable for the 3D cutting of various profiles used in the steel structure industry (such as H-beams, I-beams, angle steel, and T-shaped steel), and is widely used in the metalworking industry.
Key Features:
Dual Station Expansion
Front and rear dual-station switching facilitates hoisting loading of heavy components
Reduce waiting times and improve efficiency
Cutting of large and medium-sized profiles, full-length nesting
Open type design
Switching between multiple varieties and specifications
Capable of cutting shaped parts and linear bevels on sheet metal
Can adopt a cantilever structure
Special machine for processing small and medium-sized profiles
One side open for convenient operation
MARVEL Fiber Laser Cutting Series
This machine meets the demands of high-power, large-format sheet metal cutting. It is equipped with a new high-performance intelligent bus system and an intelligent high-speed bus cutting head, featuring a brand-new, high-performance, stable structure as well as a powerful expert laser processing database.
Key Features:
Equipped with the Farley-A2300 intelligent bus control system
Brand-new human-machine interaction software interface
Laser head with obstacle avoidance function
High Automation Level
Achieves production scheduling management and remote monitoring
Sends production plans and shares drawing files through the cloud
Fully automatic loading and unloading system, eliminating the need for additional manual labor

In the international landscape of mutual promotion between domestic and international markets, HGTECH closely observes the demands of the international market. We are bringing laser intelligent manufacturing solutions for industries to global customers such as automotive manufacturing, PCB microelectronics, bridges and ships building, facilitating innovation together.

Moving forward, HGTECH will continue to grasp the trend of globalization, implementing the construction of overseas factories. We aim to make “Made in China” high-end intelligent manufacturing a global force of innovation.

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