The SMART TUBE SERIES laser tube cutting machine can perform high-speed, high-quality laser cutting on round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, and oval tubes. The cutting section has no burrs or slag. The cutting shape can be diversified for any shape requirement.

Details  Beam  

 Pneumatic Chuck   

The High Strength Machine Bed adopts welded structure, rough machining after annealing, and then vibration aging treatment, which can completely eliminate the stress of welding and machining, with good rigidity, high precision, and can keep long time use without deformation. 

  • Full-stroke clamping, automatic and precise centering, fast automated processing
  • Double rows of rollers for effective correction of pipe bending
  • Clamping stroke Φ20mm-Φ230mm
  • Chuck load capacity up to 500KG
  • Fast clamping, adjustable clamping force, stable and reliable clamping
  • Integral support base structure, improve support bearing stability
  • Highly rigid long cantilever structure design for heavy pipe clamping
  • Optional clamping of various profiles to keep the pipe from slipping off


Bed follower centering bracket

The profiling wheel support can assist in controlling the excessive deformation of cutting longer pipes (pipes with smaller diameters). The cylinder controls the up and down movement of the support components on the auxiliary support. When the rear chuck moves to the corresponding position, the auxiliary support can be lowered to avoid collision.

CNC control system FSCUT3000S

Plate surface height tracking control (follow function)

Laser power slope control

Height sensor auto-calibration function

Corner cutting control function

Common edge cutting function

Bus-based system and motor MES can be extended

Cutting head

Self-focusing fiber optic cutting head

Multi-protection lens, drawer type mirror holder

Better optical configuration and smooth and efficient airflow design for better cutting quality and efficiency

Optional flat/bevel cutting head

Lowering frame 

Support up to 1.5m or 3.5m down length


Operating Software


Higher photoelectric conversion efficiency > 30%

Better and more stable beam quality.  Stronger anti-high reflection capability.

Second generation fiber optic transmission system to ensure more stable and precise cutting results in thick plate cutting.

Ability  Excellent Functions   

Corner Technique

The proper setting of corner technique including gas pressure, laser peak power and duty cycle will improve and perfect corner production efficiency and quality.

Quick Frog-Leap

TubePro will optimize laser head lifting path and maintain XYB axes motions while laser head traveling to next toolpath to achieve high efficiency production.

Side leveling

Single-sided leveling can correct a flat pipe surface of the pipe to a horizontal state, and correspond the actual clamping situation of the pipe to the drawing.

Smooth MicroJoint

Smooth cutting and easy unloading ensure high efficiency

Monitoring alarm

During the operation of the machine tool, all cutting heads, chucks, water coolers and other functions will be monitored, and if there is a fault, it will alarm in real time

Free Form Tube & Profile Production

TubePro supports profiles and free form tube production of U/L/H/T channels, Obround, oval and polygon etc.

Ability  Cutting Parameters   

 Cutting Samples   

Details  Cutting Technology   

Details  Technical Specifaction   

Model SMART Tube 6015 SMART Tube 6035 SMART Tube 7035
Pipe Loading Length 6000mm 6500mm 7000mm
Laser Source Fiber & 1000W – 6000W
CNC System FSCUT3000
Chuck Diameter Option1: Φ10mm – Φ120
Option2: Φ10mm – Φ160
Option3: Φ20mm – Φ230
Option4: Φ20mm – Φ350
Position Accuracy (X and Y axis) 0.05mm
Reposition Accuracy (X and Y axis) 0.03mm
Power Supply Requirement 380V 50/60Hz 45KVA

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