Technical Analysis of 3D Fiber Laser Cutting Machine (3)

  1. Research on integrated application technology of 3D five-axis fiber optic cutting system with RTCP function

(1) Research the hardware integration system structure of three-dimensional five-axis fiber laser cutting equipment, analyze the software and hardware interface of the numerical control system with RTCP function, and design the system integration control scheme of each processing component in three-dimensional five-axis fiber laser cutting.

(2) Research RTCP function data. The three-dimensional five-axis fiber laser cutting system consists of three major functional blocks, namely the processing control module, the off-line programming module, and the laser cutting process database. Combined with the hardware integration of processing equipment, the secondary development of software for the three-dimensional five-axis fiber laser cutting process, the design of CNC system control functions for the PC industrial control platform, the development of the three-dimensional five-axis fiber laser cutting control application program interface, the functions of three-dimensional five-axis fiber laser, such as cutting machine motion control, process adjustment, etc, are realized.

(3) Based on the three-dimensional space mapping, the kinematics analysis of the three-dimensional five-axis laser processing machine tool is carried out, and the cutting head motion simulation is designed at the same time.

Develop the database based on the HMI PC platform, use SQL to design the specific functions of the database in combination with the functional requirements, and realize the functions of modifying, adding, querying, browsing, and deleting the database.

  1. Research on laser cutting technology for three-dimensional complex surfaces

(1) Analyze the external optical path mode, shape and compensate the optical path to ensure the optimal cutting beam mode, and develop a special 3D five-axis laser cutting process control software.

(2) Research and develop rapid piercing and cutting status control feedback technology, while also developing process methods such as sharp corner cutting of carbon steel thick plates, limited cutting of small holes in thick plates, high-power fiber nitrogen cutting of thin carbon steel, and processing and application of complex graphics and images, to overcome the technical difficulties of processing complex graphics and small contours.

(3) Study laser cutting control methods, laser cutting speed control methods, and laser cutting methods for corners. Research on the error compensation of 3D covering parts, the quality control of corner cutting of 3D covering parts, and the control methods of cutting the quality of sharp corners on flat plates.

(4) Develop Z-axis profiling control technology based on CC compilation cycle, graphic preview, and trajectory synchronous display technology, flexible intervention and flexible supplementary cutting technology based on graphic preview, laser pulse frequency based on fast response laser pulse square wave PWM generator Real-time slope adjustment technology with duty cycle and laser power.

(5) Solve technological problems such as over-burning of corners of three-dimensional parts, over-melting of sharp corners of thick plates and extreme small hole cutting, rapid perforation of thin plates, etc., establish a complete database of laser cutting technology experts, and realize laser cutting of large contours, small contours, corners, standard graphics, etc. Automatic call of process parameters.

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