12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Development Trend

With the improvement of modern industrial equipment production technology, fiber lasers and fiber laser cutting machines have entered the application market, rapidly occupying the market with advantages such as high processing efficiency, good cutting quality, and low operation and maintenance costs.

The impact of power increase on laser cutting machines
Laser cutting technology is a high-precision material processing method widely used in industries such as metal processing, automotive manufacturing, and electronic equipment. After years of development, the fiber laser cutting market has gradually matured and continuously derived new technologies, with application power continuously increasing.

The primary change brought about by the increase in power is the change in carbon steel cutting thickness. The early fiber laser cutting machine limited the thickness of cutting plates to within 20mm for carbon steel and 12mm for stainless steel. Thicker materials still use traditional processing techniques such as fine plasma, wire cutting, or water jet cutting. The 10000 watt laser cutting machine can cut aluminum alloy sheets up to 40mm and stainless steel sheets up to 50mm. With the emergence of high-power laser cutting machines such as 10kw and 12kw, the technology of myriawatt laser cutting machines has become the main competitive field in the market. The 12kw fiber laser cutting machine is a common equipment with high power and cutting speed.

The development trend of laser cutting industry
The myriawatt laser cutting machine is an inevitable trend in the development of the laser cutting industry. On the one hand, due to the high competition pressure in the laser cutting equipment market, the kilowatt level product market is saturated, and the competition is particularly fierce. In order to seek breakthroughs and break the market deadlock, leading enterprises are developing towards the myriawatt level; On the other hand, the higher the power of the laser cutting machine, the higher the processing efficiency, the better the processing ability, and the lower the cost, which is in line with the trend of modern market development.

In terms of cutting speed, there is a significant difference in the speed of each level of laser cutting machine. When cutting 20mm stainless steel, the speed of the 12kw fiber laser cutting machine is about 110% higher than that of the 10kw fiber laser cutting machine. In terms of cutting thickness, the current myriawatt laser cutting machine can achieve a thickness of 80mm when cutting stainless steel. Although the price of a ten thousand watt laser cutting machine is higher, its production efficiency is also higher. Therefore, it can save labor costs.

In recent years, the popularity of12kw laser cutting machines has continued to rise, and they have been applied in fields such as aerospace, high-speed rail, and petrochemical. With the continuous high-end development of the terminal industry, myriawatt laser cutting machines will develop towards high-power, large format, high-speed cutting, bright surface cutting, and ultra-thick plate cutting in the future.

With the continuous progress of technology, laser cutting technology will be applied in more fields and continuously improved and developed.

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