The Preponderances Of High-Power Laser Cutting Machines

Laser technology is becoming increasingly mature, and power is constantly evolving and upgrading towards higher power. Especially in the field of laser cutting, we are moving towards higher power lasers. Many companies are considering purchasing high-power fiber laser cutting equipment and also tend to prefer high-power laser cutting machines. So, what are the advantages of higher power?

The advantages of high-power laser cutting machines

Advantage 1: Significant increase in cutting speed
When considering the elements of a laser cutting machine, cutting speed is a very important factor. The cutting speed of different materials varies depending on the power level. When the power of the same material is the same, the thicker the board, the slower the cutting speed. To improve cutting speed, it is necessary to choose higher power equipment. Especially for medium thickness materials currently cut by fiber laser, the increase in cutting speed can reach more than twice. And with the rapid development of sheet metal processing technology, traditional sheet metal cutting equipment can no longer meet the requirements of current processes and cutting forms. Laser cutting has gradually replaced traditional equipment with advantages such as high flexibility and fast cutting speed. The widespread application of fiber laser cutting machines in sheet metal processing is also an inevitable trend.

Advantage 2: Stable cutting thickness and significant increase in limit thickness
The maximum thickness of the 12kw fiber laser cutting machine is over 40mm, and the carbon steel reaches 50mm, with good cutting cross-section effect.
Compared to equipment with power of 3000W, 6000W, and 8000W, the cutting thickness has significantly increased and the processing range has increased significantly.

Advantage 3: More diverse cutting processes
In addition to the advantage of cutting thicker and faster, as the laser power increases, the cutting process of the equipment also becomes more diverse. For example, various processes such as groove cutting, seamless micro connection, process compensation, corner burn prevention, intelligent vibration suppression, tool lifting, tool retraction, and extended tool retraction can meet more cutting needs. For example, there are many precision parts and materials in automobile manufacturing, such as brake pads. In order to improve the safety of automobiles, it is necessary to ensure cutting accuracy. Traditional manual cutting is difficult to achieve accuracy, and secondly, it has low efficiency. Using laser cutting can process batches quickly, with high accuracy, high efficiency, no burrs, and advantages such as one-time forming. These are the reasons why laser cutting machines are widely used in the automotive industry.

As technology continues to mature, power will further break through. At that time, the thickness that laser cutting machines can cut will continue to be refreshed, and the significant improvement in cutting efficiency and quality will help the metal processing industry develop towards thicker and faster directions.

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