Application Of Laser Automatic Welding machine In Digital Electronic Industry

With the development of science and technology, electronic, electrical and digital products have become increasingly mature and popular all over the world. Any components contained in the products covered in this field may involve the soldering process, ranging from the main PCB components to the VCM components in the camera module. Most of them need to use laser welding machine for welding.

Laser welding is a welding method that uses laser as the heat source to melt tin to make the weldment close to each other. According to the state of tin material, it can be divided into three main forms: tin wire filling, solder paste filling and solder ball filling. Shenzhen Zichen Laser was founded in 2014, focusing on the technical development and research in the field of laser micro-precision processing. With years of industry experience, it has now included the automatic laser welding machine in the above three tin states, and launched unique laser welding application solutions, which have been widely praised in the market.

Welding of PCB main parts

At present, the chip-level packaging (IC packaging) and board-level assembly in the electronic industry are largely welded with tin-based alloy filler metal to complete the device packaging and card assembly. For example, in the flip chip process of PCB board, the solder directly connects the chip to the substrate; In electronic assembly and manufacturing, solder is used to weld the device to the circuit substrate.

The traditional welding process of PCB board includes wave welding and reflow welding. Wave welding is to use the wave crest surface of the molten solder circulating flow to contact the PCB welding surface with components to complete the welding process; Reflow welding is to place the solder paste or solder pad between the PCB pads in advance, and connect the components with the PCB by melting the solder paste or solder pad after heating.

For laser welding, selective wave welding and reflow welding can do the same as laser welding, but selective wave welding and reflow welding will cause pollution, and laser welding will not. However, reflow welding is relatively easy to make a large number of planes. Laser welding is selective welding, which is very good for small, thin and vertical welding, and cannot be replaced by reflow welding; Most precision digital electronic industries, such as earphones, semiconductors, communications, automobiles, safety tubes, wire electronic devices, CCM modules, FPC/PCB/FCP boards, have more advantages in using laser welding machines.

Laser Welding Of Camera Module And Vcm Module

The welder joint size of VCM module in the camera module is small, and it is difficult to observe with the naked eye. To realize automatic welding of VCM module, the traditional welding method has been powerless. The minimum light spot of laser welding can be 50 microns or even lower, and the shape of the light spot can be designed into round, square and other special shapes. The rapid development of modern laser optics provides an advanced welding method for precision parts similar to VCM components.

Solder paste laser welding is generally applied to parts reinforcement or pre-tinning. For example, the corners of the shielding cover are strengthened by melting solder paste at high temperature, and the tinning of the magnetic head contacts is melted; It is also suitable for circuit conduction welding. The welding effect of camera module and VCM voice coil motor is very good. For example, camera module, because it does not have complex circuits, often achieves good results through solder paste welding. For precision and small workpieces, solder paste filling welding can fully reflect its advantages.

With the increase of labor costs in the Chinese market and the scarcity of skilled talents, the demand for manual work in the traditional tin welding field is slowly transformed into the demand for mechanized work. The advantages of laser tin welding technology with high degree of automation will break through the traditional manual processing operation mode in the digital electronics industry and help enterprises develop towards intelligent manufacturing. From the current situation of customer welding samples, the popularization of laser welding is also the trend.

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