Laser Technology Makes Sports Equipment Manufacturing Faster, Higher And Stronger!

China’s sports industry in the post-epidemic era is about to enter a new growth cycle of dual innovation at the competitive and commercial levels. The blueprint of the “14th Five-Year Plan” for building a sports power contains a major opportunity to expand sports consumption and develop sports industry.

With the continuous development of the sports equipment manufacturing industry, the precision requirements of its parts processing are also higher and higher. The precision and slope of part cutting will affect the quality of the instrument. How to switch the production line between mass production and small batch production at will under the condition of consistent quality, delivery time and cost?

Industry Demand-Iterative Upgrading

In the face of a large number of high demand for metal pipe and plate cutting, many sports equipment manufacturers are overwhelmed. The use of optical fiber laser cutting machine in the sports equipment manufacturing industry has broken the production limitations of traditional metal processing. The manufacturing process was upgraded and the production efficiency was greatly improved. Help manufacturers easily respond to order demand and improve their competitiveness in the market.

Many joints of sports equipment and equipment are connected by intersecting lines or grooves, so it is necessary to cut and drill grooves on plates and pipes. The traditional processing methods are band saws, drilling machines and special milling machines, which not only have low efficiency and poor accuracy, but also take up a lot of labor costs and time costs of material transfer.

The optical fiber laser cutting machine is not limited by the traditional processing mode, and the metal blanking is in place in one step. It reduces production costs and has a high degree of intelligence, and supports the cutting of plates of different thickness, various pipes and profiles. It can be used for any complex curve graphics processing. The cut is flat and smooth without secondary processing. It can be directly assembled, connected or welded. It has greatly shortened the production cycle, improved quality, increased efficiency and reduced cost, and brought great convenience to the enterprise processing.

Whether it is the construction of sports venues, the manufacturing of sports equipment, the guarantee of sports events or the metal blanking of national fitness equipment, a large number of cutting process requirements can be met by optical fiber laser cutting machines.

Optical fiber laser cutting machine can replace mechanical drilling, milling, sawing, stamping and burr cleaning. It can easily realize the cutting of complex plate and pipe structures, groove cutting, chamfering, grooving, piercing and other required cutting processes, shape features and other processing.

The sports equipment manufacturing industry is a rising star in laser application. As a representative of China’s sports manufacturing industry, high-energy laser actively and deeply implements the outline of building a strong sports country and the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan with practical actions. Adhere to driving modern productivity with laser technology, help the transformation and upgrading of the sports equipment manufacturing industry, and constantly promote the innovative development of the sports industry, so as to make “China Smart Manufacturing” famous in the world.

About HGTECH: HGTECH is the pioneer and leader of laser industrial application in China, and the authoritative provider of global laser processing solutions. We have comprehensively arranged laser intelligent machine, measurement and automation production lines, and smart factory construction to provide overall solutions for intelligent manufacturing.

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