Application of Laser Tube Cutting Machine In Fitness Equipment Industry

China is indeed a significant manufacturer of fitness equipment on a global scale. According to data from Ai Media and the Huajin Securities Research Institute, in 2017, Chinese-made fitness equipment accounted for 53% of the global fitness equipment market share. Customs data indicates that in 2020, China exported fitness equipment worth a total of 45.581 billion RMB through various trade methods. Based on Allied Market Research data, the global fitness equipment consumption in 2020 amounted to 11.6 billion USD, with China’s exports making up approximately 60% of the global total.

The increasing demand for personalized and diverse fitness equipment is gradually transforming the traditional mass production manufacturing model into one that focuses on multi-specification, small-batch production, and eventually custom-made manufacturing.

In fitness equipment manufacturing, the use of tubes is quite common, and many connection points involve intersecting lines. Traditional processing methods often involve using saws, drilling machines, and specialized milling machines to achieve these connections. However, this approach cannot guarantee aesthetics or precision and consumes a significant amount of labor and time in terms of material handling, setup, and transportation costs.

Fitness equipment requires the use of carefully selected high-quality materials such as steel pipes and plates. The precision requirements for processing are also high, often necessitating processes like tube cutting and hole punching. Therefore, choosing an intelligent pipe laser cutting equipment is essential.

Traditional fitness equipment production has mainly relied on punching press technology, primarily for sheet metal processing. Material is cut, punched, formed, deep-drawn, trimmed, fine-punched, reshaped, riveted, and extruded through the use of molds before being assembled. This process incurs significant labor costs, and when production volumes are high, punching presses often cannot meet production demands.

A laser tube cutting machine not only can cut multiple intersecting holes on pipes in different directions and with different diameters, meeting the conditions for perpendicular intersection between branch pipe axes and main pipe axes, whether eccentric or not, but it can also cut various shapes on round pipes, such as square holes, waist-shaped holes, and cut different patterns on the surfaces of square pipes. It can process round pipes, square pipes, irregular pipes, and perform any complex shape processing on pipe surfaces. Additionally, it can automatically load and unload materials in a safe and fast manner.

This production method allows for the rapid and effective production of finished pieces that meet customer orders. Pipe laser cutting systems can create a variety of styles, significantly enhancing the aesthetics of fitness equipment and increasing product competitiveness in the market. The innovation brought about by laser tube cutting technology also generates immense value for businesses.

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