The Advantages Of Choosing 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Improving the processing thickness of 12kw fiber laser cutting machine
The revolutionary change that the 12kw fiber laser cutting machine has brought to the field of sheet metal processing is the continuous improvement of the machinability thickness of different materials. Aluminum alloy sheets can reach 40mm, and stainless steel sheets can reach 50mm.

Comparison of advantages of 12kw fiber laser cutting machine

Cutting thickness
In the era of CO2 laser cutting, the maximum power of the laser was limited to 6kw. In the early days, the thickness of fiber laser cutting plates was also limited to 20mm for carbon steel and 12mm for stainless steel. For thicker materials, traditional processing techniques such as fine plasma, wire cutting, or water jet cutting were still used. With the emergence of fiber lasers, current fiber laser cutting machines continuously increase the processing thickness. With the launch of 12kw fiber laser cutting machines, the thickness limit of material cutting will continue to be broken. The processing price of thick plates will further decrease, which will trigger more laser cutting applications in the field of thick plates, such as shipbuilding, nuclear power, etc. This forms a virtuous cycle, resulting in the further expansion of the application fields of laser cutting.

Cutting efficiency
In addition to the increase in cutting thickness, the cutting efficiency of the 12kw laser cutting machine in the field of medium and thin plates is also improved by multiple levels. When cutting stainless steel plates with a thickness of 3-10mm, the cutting speed of a 12kw laser cutting machine is more than twice that of a 6kw machine; At the same time, the 12kW laser cutting machine can achieve a fast and bright cutting speed of 18-20mm/s in the cutting application of carbon steel, which is twice the speed of ordinary standard cutting; Compressed air or nitrogen can also be used to cut carbon steel within 12mm, with a cutting efficiency six to seven times that of oxygen cutting carbon steel. The speed of improving the efficiency of high-power laser cutting thin plates has greatly exceeded people’s past imagination, which is also the main reason why high-power laser cutting machines are popular in the sheet metal market.

Precautions during purchase
It should be noted that when choosing high-power laser cutting equipment, careful consideration should be given. In addition to the cutting speed and accuracy, it is particularly necessary to check the stability and consistency of full power continuous cutting, the speed matching ability of the machine tool, the progressiveness of the machine tool control and the accuracy life.

The era of low profit in laser processing has arrived, which means that the efficiency and performance requirements of laser cutting machines are becoming higher and higher. The market value of laser cutting processing will continue to increase, but the processing price will further decrease. Only by holding sharp tools can we stand at the forefront of fierce market competition. HGTECH 12kw fiber laser cutting machine is a good choice.

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