Comparison Between Laser Pipe Cutting And Saw Blade Pipe Cutting

Traditional method—Saw Blade Cutting

Domestic traditional pipe cutting methods are difficult to meet the needs of mass production. Moreover, the quality of the cut sections of pipes processed by traditional processing methods is generally relative poor, and some even produce processing defects such as deformation and collapse. Compared with other types of pipe cutting machines, the manual saw blade is slow and labor-intensive, the tungsten steel saw blade needs to be added with water, which will cause pollution, the saw blade machine would cause burrs, and the saw blade consumables are relatively high, etc., the power consumption of the laser pipe cutting machine It is smaller, and its consumables are much lower than those of the above processing equipment, making it easier to maintain.

Effecient Method—Laser Pipe Cutter

Laser pipe cutting machine is a device that uses laser beams for pipe processing. Its main principle is to use technologies such as photoelectric conversion, optical focusing, and optical heating to focus a high-intensity laser beam on the surface of the pipe to heat the surface of the pipe to a high temperature, and then use the machine’s motion system to cut the laser beam along the pipe.

Specifically, the pipe laser cutting system uses the cooperation of computers and hydraulics, and the electrical system controls the movement of the oil circuit of the hydraulic system to push the carriage to move back and forth in a straight line. The optical system of the laser pipe cutting machine mainly consists of a laser generator, optical lens, reflector and beam guide. The laser generator generates a high-energy, high-frequency laser beam, which is focused and reflected by lenses and mirrors to form a high-density, high-energy laser beam, which is heated on the surface of the pipe.

The Difference Between Two Methods

1. The laser pipe cutting machine can cut bevel angles and has high cutting efficiency; while ordinary saw blade pipe cutting machines can only cut bevel angles semi-automatically or manually, and the production efficiency is low.

2. The laser pipe cutting machine can cut various graphics on the pipe, such as square holes, round holes, special-shaped patterns, etc. The cutting efficiency can be very high by using functions such as flying cutting. However, ordinary pipe cutting machines only have a single cutting back function.

3. Laser can cut pipes in a wide range of wall thickness and pipe diameter, while ordinary pipe cutting machines are limited by saw blades and are only suitable for cutting pipes with a wall thickness of less than 5mm and a diameter of less than 140mm.

4. The laser pipe cutting machine can cut special-shaped pipes, such as L-shaped steel, I-beam, U-shaped groove, etc. It can cut anything that ordinary pipe cutting machines cannot.

5. Laser can cut a wider range of materials, such as carbon steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, copper pipes, aluminum pipes, etc. However, ordinary pipe cutting machines need to choose the corresponding pipe cutting machine according to the hardness of the pipe, and it is not a machine. Can cut all metal pipes.

With its advantages of high precision, high efficiency and high quality, laser tube cutting has quickly gained the market and is widely used in various industries. There are many inconveniences in pipe cutting. Although traditional domestic cutting methods can achieve application results, they have low processing efficiency and poor processing effects. Therefore, combining pipe cutting with laser technology will lead to broader development in the field of pipe cutting. prospect.

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