How To Correctly Use Laser Cutting Machine (1)

Metal materials are important products in the manufacturing industry. To fully utilize this material, it must be cut and formed using equipment, and laser cutting machines are important mechanical equipment in the metal forming industry. Compared to other types of cutting machines, laser cutting machines have a higher degree of automation, a wider range of applications, higher cutting efficiency and precision, and are therefore widely popular in the manufacturing industry.

Operation steps
As a sharp tool for metal cutting, metal laser cutting machines need to master their operating steps and working principles in order to fully utilize their work efficiency. Today, let’s learn together how to operate a laser cutting machine.

1. Turn on the working circuits of each part, including the main power switch, voltage regulator, fiber laser power switch, air compressor, air circuit valve, refrigerated dryer, etc., to ensure that the power supply system of each part is normal;
2. Test run the machine and confirm that it runs smoothly, and that all limit positions and emergency buttons are secure;
3. Place the material to be cut steadily on the cutting table of the machine tool, operate the control console computer screen, input parameters such as product material thickness, and import the pattern into the machine;
4. Control the movement of each axis through the functions in the menu, and adjust the cutting position to the appropriate part of the board;
5. Select suitable nozzles and lenses, and inspect them to ensure their appearance and cleanliness are in good condition; Adjust the laser cutting head to the appropriate cutting focus position through the directional keys on the panel;
6. Select suitable cutting gas according to cutting requirements and check if its spraying state is good;
7. Start the laser and machine tool, try cutting the metal raw materials, observe whether the cross-section is smooth and the cutting accuracy is accurate. If there is any deviation, adjust the equipment parameters until the sample meets the requirements; Then the device automatically starts cutting according to the input parameters and patterns;
During the cutting process, there must be staff present. If there is an emergency situation that requires quick response, the staff must quickly press the brake button;
9. After completing the cutting work, pay attention to checking the cutting accuracy and quality of the product;

It is worth noting that when operating a laser cutting machine, in addition to strictly following the operating procedures, personal protection should also be done according to the manufacturing instructions of the laser cutting machine. For example, when near the laser beam, it is necessary to wear protective glasses that meet the requirements to avoid unnecessary risks. If it is a beginner to operate, it is necessary to consult all relevant manuals or receive professional training before taking up the job. Do not use or operate randomly.

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