Frequently Asked Questions During Steel Structure Laser Cutting Process

The laser cutting machine adopts a fully enclosed laser protective cover, high-speed exchange platform design, and CNC cutting system. Laser cutting machines provide users with powerful cutting capabilities and increased productivity.

The fully enclosed protection of the laser cutting machine improves safety. The laser protective glass protects the human body from laser radiation. The laser cutting machine has an intelligent monitoring system to reduce the accident rate. It is widely used in the catering industry, elevator manufacturing industry, kitchenware and other industries.

Then during the steel structure cutting process, you may encounter the following common problems:

1. Heat-affected zone (HAZ)

Since laser cutting is based on heat, the laser beam will generate high temperature in the cutting area, causing a heat-affected zone, which is the part close to the cutting line. HAZ may cause material deformation, hardening or quality degradation.

2. Burrs

During the cutting process, some burrs or uneven edges may appear. This affects cut quality, aesthetics, and workpiece fit.

3. Bevel cutting

Bevel cutting refers to the situation where the cutting line is not at right angles to the vertical line on the surface of the material. This may be due to not properly adjusting the angle of the laser beam when it is parallel to the material surface. Bevel cuts may affect the installation of the connector and the precise alignment of the material.

4. Welding residues

Welding joints or welds may exist in steel structures. During the laser cutting process, welding slag and weld residue may be left near the weld. These residues may require additional processing steps.

5. Effect of coating

If there is a coating on the surface of the steel structure (such as sprayed paint), the laser may react with the coating or burn off the coating during the cutting process, affecting the cutting quality and the protective effect of the coating.

As an intelligent and automated metal cutting equipment, the laser cutting machine has the advantages of high precision and high efficiency, and is the best choice for steel structure blanking.

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