Why Does The Steel Structure Industry Need Laser Cutting Machines?

The steel structure industry is a construction industry that uses steel as the main structural material. Because steel structures have high strength, durability and earthquake resistance, they are widely used in various types of buildings and infrastructure. Steel structures require a large amount of cutting, drilling, milling and other processes during the manufacturing process.

Traditional processing methods such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, etc. are not only inefficient, but also difficult to guarantee accuracy. In this context, laser cutting machines use cutting speeds The advantages of speed and high precision have brought revolutionary changes to the steel structure industry.

As an advanced processing equipment, laser cutting machine is increasingly used in the steel structure industry, which is closely related to its four major characteristics:

1. Efficient and precise cutting

The laser cutting equipment uses a high-energy laser beam to irradiate the surface of the steel to quickly melt the steel and form a cutting opening. It has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high precision, and good cut quality. Compared with traditional cutting processes, laser cutting machines have higher cutting accuracy and speed, which can greatly improve production efficiency.

2. Adapt to cutting of various complex shapes

Laser cutting machines have high-precision laser beam control capabilities and a wide cutting range, and can easily handle the cutting needs of various complex shapes. Whether it is cutting regular shapes or cutting complex shapes such as curves and arcs, laser cutting machines can accurately complete it, providing a more flexible processing method for steel structure manufacturing.

3. Production costs reduced

Although the purchase cost of a laser cutting machine is high, its use cost in the production process is relatively low. Laser cutting machines have the advantages of low energy consumption, no need to consume a lot of cutting materials, and long service life. They can reduce production costs and improve production efficiency in the long-term production process.

4. Product quality improved

During the steel structure manufacturing process, cutting accuracy and quality have an important impact on the safety and stability of the building. The high precision and efficiency of laser cutting machines can improve the manufacturing quality of steel structures and make steel structures more stable, safe and reliable, which is also a very important factor.

HGTECH conducts in-depth market analysis and research in the steel structure industry, invests a lot of research and development time and costs, and insists on being user-oriented. The products can be customized according to the actual production needs of steel structure customers. The cutting accuracy and cutting speed meet the customer’s production needs, helping customers shorten the order production cycle and truly reduce costs and increase efficiency. Its application in the steel structure industry has been well received by customers.

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