The Function of A 3D Laser Head?

Starting again after a 5-year hiatus, the second season of ‘The Great Powers’ hit heavily in 2018. In the second episode of “Launching China,” the 3D five axis laser head technology was grandly exposed. The 3D five axis laser head can process irregular surfaces, which is a 3D five axis laser machine tool. Only industry giants from Germany, Italy, and Japan master this technology in the world, while industry giants from the United States and Russia do not. China has become the fourth country to master this core key technology.

Irregular curved surfaces are also a difficult point in construction and control in the construction industry. For the steel skeleton lightweight board of our Yishi construction industry, if it is necessary to design a specific mold for a specific project, then process the specific curved skeleton, and then pour and process it.

Who developed and manufactured the 3D five axis laser head in the video?

As a super equipment used to manufacture Chinese satellites, China’s first independently manufactured [3D five axis laser machine tool] is 4.8 meters tall and 11.8 tons in weight. It is a sharp tool for processing parts with irregular curved surfaces. It can process complex workpieces in one time without mold, reducing the manufacturing cycle of aerospace parts to one tenth, and reducing the satellite development cycle from the original eight years to about four years!

As a national key high-tech enterprise, HGLASER has national scientific research institutions such as State Key Laboratory of laser technology, National Engineering Research Center of laser processing, and national anti-counterfeiting engineering technology research center.

HGLASER’s 3D five axis laser machine tool is a sharp tool for processing satellite components with irregular surfaces, representing the highest level of global CNC machine tool technology. Presenting once again how China will transition from a manufacturing powerhouse to a manufacturing powerhouse, with a focus on how China can upgrade from “building the world’s number one product” to “building the world’s top industrial system”.

Focusing on the two themes of “Made in China 2025” and scientific and technological innovation leading development, it presents the industrial upgrading and economic pulling effect of supporting systems such as sky, transportation, energy, ocean, communication, intelligent manufacturing, etc.

Every step of research and development is a challenge. From the shoulder of the laser head to the elbow and then to the wrist, a small space with an internal diameter of 8 centimeters needs to accommodate 50 sets of circuit signals and 20 sets of high-pressure water and gas channels. During the operation, any group of laser heads worth millions of yuan that leak will be scrapped. How to seal the machine head has troubled the Chinese machine tool industry for over a decade.

Now, this difficult problem has been solved. At the beginning of cutting, the laser head floats up and down, always maintaining a distance of 0.7 millimeters from the part. Similar to this kind of turning, traditional processing processes require four or five types of equipment, which can take at least three days to complete. Now, in just a few minutes, precision machining of hundreds or even thousands of apertures and complex processes can be completed at once.

With this super equipment, the manufacturing cycle of aerospace components can be reduced to one tenth of the original. China’s goal is to achieve an 80% localization rate of machine tools in the aerospace field by 2020.

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