HGTECH 2024 Global Agent Conference

On 1st March, HGTECH held the Global Agents Conference with the theme of “Sailing global markets, navigating Intelligent Manufacturing frontier”. From more than 20 countries around the world, nearly 60 industry customers and agents gathered in the Optical Valley, close up, the most intuitive experience of cutting-edge laser and intelligent manufacturing solutions, around the global manufacturing industry development to carry out in-depth exchanges and discussions.

Sail to the world | Seize the opportunity

With the in-depth construction of “One Belt, One Road”, the transfer of world industries and the adjustment of international and domestic policies, the scale of Chinese enterprises going globally has accelerated significantly. Under the new development pattern of domestic and international double-cycle, HGTECH continues to promote the win-win situation of science and technology, and the development of co-prosperity.

Huang Feng /Deputy Director of East Lake Hi-Tech Zone Administrative Committee China

“Optical Valley, which was developed because of light, is one of the first optoelectronic information industry bases in China. I sincerely invite agents and friends from all over the world to come into the Optical Valley, understand the Optical Valley, establish long-lasting and close co-operation with the Optical Valley enterprises, help the Optical Valley enterprises to go out, products to go out and brands to go out, and better serve the development of the industrial chain supply chain in the fields of global intelligent manufacturing, optical communications and other fields.”

Ma Xinqiang / Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and President of HGTECH

“This year, the company will further increase the investment in global operation, always keep a keen sense of technological innovation, scientifically manage the direction of product innovation, attentively polish the performance indexes of the products, so that the technology will be at the forefront, so that the products will always be competitive, we will also increase the rationing of overseas technical talents and service talents, and improve the construction of overseas industrial bases and marketing networks, so as to ensure that the roots of the cooperation are always solid, and that the line will be stable and far-reaching.”

At the meeting, Zhang Qin, Vice President of HGTECH, explained in detail the overseas layout and overseas talent plan, focusing on resources and advantages, giving full play to the accumulation of technology and innovation power, “tailor-made” for the overseas market, so that the road of intellectual creation to the sea is more smooth.

Journey to Intelligent Manufacturing | Global Industry, Iterative Upgrade.

Based on the new needs of the global market, HGTECH continues to increase global business investment. In addition to new materials, new processes, the exploration of new industries, intelligent manufacturing of more powerful productivity is the global need. HGTECH on-site sheet metal and intelligent manufacturing solutions, automotive solutions for the new energy industry, solutions in the electronics industry, to bring the world’s customers the ” China Intelligent Manufacturing” cutting-edge achievements.

The same period held a gold medal agent awarding ceremony, the common pursuit of good products, so that partners domestic and abroad closely linked.

In the future, HGTECH will continue to improve the quality and level of overseas services in terms of market, production and talents, accelerate the pace of “going out”, and push forward the globalisation of business!

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