High Energy Application Of 3D Laser Cutting

High end equipment for laser cutting

Three dimensional five axis laser cutting machine is a high-end equipment in laser cutting machines, with the process of cutting complex three-dimensional workpieces. It is currently widely used worldwide, and the market demand is increasing.

The application fields of 3D laser cutting

Since the popularity of new energy vehicles, the automotive industry has been one of the most widely used fields of laser processing, which mainly focuses on laser cutting and laser welding. Among them, laser cutting includes plane cutting and three-dimensional cutting. For some high-strength steel structural parts with complex contours, 3D laser cutting is a very effective processing method, whether from a technical or economic perspective. The application of 3D laser cutting machines reduces mold investment, shortens the development cycle of automobile manufacturers and component manufacturers, improves processing efficiency and cutting accuracy of workpieces, and is a powerful tool for automobile manufacturers and component manufacturers to improve competitiveness.

In addition, the application research fields of 3D laser cutting also include China’s aerospace, mold design industry, and household appliances. From the perspective of product management for different types of products, 3D five axis laser cutting intelligent equipment holds a very important social position. This type of laser equipment has a high power and is suitable for cutting irregular plates, pipes, etc.

Opportunities for 3D laser cutting machines

Widespread demand brought by downstream applications

Three dimensional five axis laser cutting technology emerged in the 1990s, with little initial market demand. However, with the emergence and application of automotive hot forming technology, the sluggish market demand has changed, and the market demand has shown explosive growth.

The R&D investment of key enterprises continues to increase

The three-dimensional five axis laser cutting machine represents the world’s highest level of CNC machine tools to a certain extent, and has a wide range of applications and market prospects. Therefore, major small and medium-sized enterprises are increasing their investment in technology research and development to seize the market.

Technical progress

Major manufacturers actively respond to customer needs and continuously iterate and upgrade technology to maintain product competitiveness. The cutting head, the core component of the product, gradually meets the requirements of high performance and lightweight, with functions such as automatic focusing, three-point positioning, rapid puncture, intelligent collision prevention, etc., truly achieving intelligent, efficient, and low-energy flexible processing. Technological progress has further expanded the scope of applications.


With the continuous upgrading of laser technology and laser automation systems, the advantages of laser 3D cutting are also constantly improving, bringing infinite possibilities for the future development of the manufacturing industry.

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