Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Common Application Industry

Cutting machine upgrade trend

With the wave of industrial transformation and upgrading, most manufacturing manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the industry application of laser cutting machines for processing and forming equipment. The efficiency of a CNC fiber laser cutting machine is several times that of traditional cutting machines. With the widespread expansion of laser cutting machine applications, laser cutting machines have gradually replaced some traditional processing techniques. Currently, many industries are using fiber laser cutting machines.

Introduction to Common Application Industries

The automobile manufacturing industry: Many aspects of the automobile manufacturing industry can be solved using laser cutting machines and laser welding machines. The processing of car doors, body, floor, hood, rear cover, airbags, and other small components can also be processed using laser cutting machines.

Hardware industry: There are many hardware products, including bathroom hardware, hotel daily hardware, hardware decorations, hardware handicrafts, etc., all of which can be processed using metal laser cutting machines.

Kitchenware industry: There are many types of kitchenware, and fiber laser cutting machines can meet various customized production needs. Whether it is large-scale production or small-scale personalized production, as long as there are drawings, they can be produced.

Sheet metal industry: Many manufacturers only do sheet metal processing and do not produce finished products. Therefore, fiber laser cutting machines can be said to be a very good solution, and labor and material costs can be greatly reduced. As long as there is an order, operations can start immediately.

Advertising industry: Due to the high degree of customization, traditional methods have low efficiency in the advertising industry. Using laser cutting machines, regardless of the thickness of the board or the number of shapes, will satisfy you.

Lighting industry: Nowadays, lighting is diverse and creates a different home environment. For personalized lighting materials, laser cutting machines are very skilled, and various carving and hollowing can be done with ease.

The fitness equipment industry: The continuous expansion of fitness teams has brought business opportunities to fitness equipment manufacturers. Many fitness equipment enterprises keep up with the market development trend, increase technological innovation, use laser cutting machines to improve production processes, strive to improve product quality, and enhance product market competitiveness.


Laser can complete the cutting and drilling of various traditional or irregular pipes such as round pipes, square pipes, elliptical pipes, and D-shaped pipes. It can process any complex curve graphics on the pipe surface without being limited by the difficulty of graphics. Moreover, the cut pipe section does not require secondary processing and can be directly welded, greatly shortening the production period and creating unlimited value for enterprises.

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