Laser Cutting Machine Common Control System


The laser cutting machine control system is an important component of the laser cutting machine, which can control the laser cutting machine to perform precise cutting operations. Below, we will introduce several common types of laser cutting machine control systems.

CNC system

The CNC system is the most common type of control system in laser cutting machines. The CNC system controls the movement of the laser cutting head through a computer to achieve cutting of the workpiece. A CNC system generally consists of two parts: software and hardware. Software is used to write programs, while hardware is used to implement program execution.

The HGTECH three-dimensional five axis laser intelligent equipment is equipped with a five axis linkage laser CNC system that reaches the international advanced level of five axis CNC system technology. Composed of high-speed and high-precision complete sets of motors, green and energy-saving drive systems, domestic multi axis programming software, and intelligent and safe remote operation and maintenance systems, it comprehensively integrates five axis machining technology with digitization, networking, and intelligence. It comprehensively upgrades and iterates on key five axis CNC technologies such as high-quality five axis machining, CAM&CNC fusion, in machine measurement, and remote operation and maintenance, and possesses or meets the most advanced foreign five axis CNC system standards in 11 key functions and performance.

PLC system

The full name of PLC system is programmable logic controller, which is also a commonly used control system for laser cutting machines. The PLC system controls the laser cutting machine by detecting and processing input signals and outputting control signals. PLC systems are widely used in the field of industrial automation due to their programmability and high precision.

Servo control system

A servo control system is a control system based on servo motors. In the CNC fiber laser cutting machine, the servo motor is used to control the movement of the laser cutting head, thereby completing the cutting of the workpiece. The servo control system has the characteristics of high speed, high precision, and high stability, which can achieve efficient cutting operations.

PLC+HMI system

The PLC+HMI system is a laser cutting machine control system that combines PLC and HMI (Human Machine Interface). PLC is responsible for controlling the movement of the cutting head, while HMI is used to display the cutting process and provide an operation interface. The PLC+HMI system has the advantages of simple operation and easy control, so it is widely used in small cutting machines.


There are various types of control systems for laser cutting machines, and different types of control systems are suitable for different cutting needs. When selecting a laser cutting machine, it is necessary to choose a suitable control system based on the required cutting material, cutting area, and accuracy requirements. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the brand and quality of the control system to ensure the safety, stability, and reliability of the cutting machine.

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