Laser “Intelligent Manufacturing” Expands Into Metal And Medical Markets

Laser “Intelligent Manufacturing” Expands Into Metal And Medical Markets

Metal is processed using the photothermal effect of a laser, which has the advantages of high speed, small surface deformation, high processing precision, and a wide range of processable materials.

HGLASER creates an intelligent precision machining ecosystem for metal precision machining by connecting products and technologies upstream and downstream of the entire industry chain.

HGLASER is on hand to demonstrate laser cleaning equipment as well as an online strip detection and welding machine, bringing more efficient and environmentally friendly laser “intelligent manufacturing” solutions to industry customers.

Laser "Intelligent Manufacturing" Expands Into Metal And Medical Markets

ICMD is the Asia-Pacific region’s largest comprehensive service platform focusing on the upstream industry of medical device manufacturing, integrating product technology exhibitions, trade procurement, exchanges, and cooperation.

Medical devices have remarkable precision and small features, and the characteristics of laser finishing match the processing requirements of medical devices. In the field of medical device manufacturing, appearance marking is used. Based on the needs of the industry, HGLASER has developed a variety of intelligent manufacturing solutions for the medical industry, combining automation and intelligence.

HGLASER displayed the POCT automatic filling and sealing system on-site at this exhibition. China’s POCT market has grown steadily and rapidly in recent years, owing to factors such as the new crown epidemic. To encourage the adoption of technology, HGLASER has created a series of intelligent manufacturing solutions centered on the POCT industry.

The system is used in IVD enterprises for the filling and production of POCT single test kits, and it performs feeding, filling, film sealing, cold compress, film cutting, and finished product detection.

Equipment advantage

· 2400pcs/h high-speed automatic assembly line

·±2μl High filling accuracy

· Compatible with a variety of models and product sizes

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