Preferred For Cutting Heavy Duty Tubes

The importance of heavy-duty tubes

In modern manufacturing, heavy-duty tubes have won the favor of many industries due to their excellent performance, wide application scenarios, and important role. From construction to industry, from machinery to bridges, heavy-duty tubes are everywhere, providing strong support and guarantee for various engineering projects.

The processing technology of heavy-duty tubes

Heavy duty tube is a type of steel tube product with a thick wall and strong load-bearing capacity. Its wall thickness is usually above 3mm, so it has high strength and stiffness. This type of tube not only has good compressive strength, but also can withstand large bending and twisting forces, providing solid structural support for various complex projects. However, there are some difficulties in the process of tube cutting. Although traditional cutting methods can meet the requirements within a certain range, the processing efficiency is low and the processing quality is relatively poor. Meanwhile, with the maturity of laser cutting technology, laser cutting machines are widely used in fields such as aviation, engineering machinery, and automotive manufacturing. The laser cutting machine for tubes has emerged, showing broad development prospects in the field of tube laser cutting.

The laser cutting machine for tubes has advantages in the current market, such as a relatively small heat affected area and smooth cutting without any impact. Compared to traditional processing methods, cutting efficiency can be improved by 8-20 times, processing costs can be significantly reduced, and the impact on the environment is relatively small. In addition, heavy tubes and profiles are affected by the large material specifications, heavy weight, and long length. When processing in the factory, multiple workstations need to be converted to process different processes, and overhead cranes or large handling equipment need to be used for transportation, greatly prolonging the processing cycle and wasting workshop space.

For manufacturing enterprises, choosing high-quality heavy-duty tube processing products not only helps to improve the quality and safety of engineering projects, but also reduces production costs and improves the economic benefits of the enterprise. At the same time, enterprises should also strengthen the research and innovation of heavy-duty tube products to meet the needs of different industries and engineering projects, and promote the sustainable development of the manufacturing industry.

Recommendation for heavy-duty tube processing equipment

HGTECH has independently developed a four chuck heavy-duty tube laser cutting automated production line, which meets the processing needs of 12 meter ultra long, overweight and super large tube profiles. The tube profiles can be fully automatically loaded without manual intervention, and the cut workpieces can be automatically fed to different areas, truly achieving full automation and intelligence.

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