Self-reliance And Self-strengthening In HGTECH

“Sci-tech self-reliance and self-strengthening form the foundation of national prosperity and the essence of security”, remarked Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, during a significant address delivered while visiting Wuhan, Hubei Province. This statement generated enthusiastic responses among faculty and students at universities.

During his visit to HGTECH, President Xi emphasized that as China continues to develop, breaking through the bottleneck of key core technologies is imperative. This necessitates a problem-oriented approach, leveraging the advantages of the new type of nationwide system, and striving vigorously and relentlessly to accelerate the achievement of self-reliance and self-strengthening in the aspect of technology.

The global market for laser processing equipment exceeds one hundred billion Chinese yuan. Laser processing, representing precision machining, possesses two distinctive characteristics: “non-contact processing” and “high energy density”, thereby combining high precision with high efficiency in manufacturing. According to data compiled by Optech Consulting, the global market size for laser processing equipment in 2020 amounted to 17.4 billion USD, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 11.4% from 2009 to 2020. In 2021, the market size reached 20.1 billion USD. China, as the largest market for laser processing equipment worldwide, accounts for nearly 40% of the market share. The industrial and information sectors are the most prevalent applications of laser equipment. According to the “China Laser Industry Development Report”, the market sizes for laser equipment in the industrial and information sectors in 2020 were 43.21 billion yuan and 15.22 billion yuan respectively, comprising approximately 84% of the overall domestic market size.

Drawing from the technological expertise accumulated during the era of internal combustion engine vehicles and aligning with the market demands of the new energy era, HGTECH has consistently played a pivotal role in propelling the transformation and upgrading of the Chinese automotive industry. We closely monitor the developments in the automotive industry, including new materials, new structures, new processes, and new equipment. We aspire to introduce fresh ideas, tools, and efficiencies through intelligent laser manufacturing to drive innovation in the automotive sector. At the 2023 New Energy Vehicle Laser and New Technology Summit Forum, Ye Zufu, General Manager of Laser Welding Automation Product Line, delivered a keynote speech titled “Typical Applications of Advanced Welding Technology in New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing“. He shared insights into the technological applications of HGTECH in the automotive industry, as well as examples of new technological applications and intelligent manufacturing brought about by transformations in the automotive industry. We have collaborated with over 40 major automakers and have realized production for more than 170 vehicle models. Its overall laser applications in vehicles rank first in China, covering areas such as welding assembly lines, four-door and two-lid lines, and floor lines.

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