The Huge Market for Laser Tube Cutting System With Its Advantages

The tube cutting machine is a specialized piece of equipment used for cutting pipes, typically employed in industries such as construction, manufacturing, aerospace, and more. Compared to traditional cutting methods, laser tube cutting machines offer higher precision and efficiency. The cutting principle of a laser tube cutting machine is not significantly different from that of a flat laser cutting machine. As a dedicated laser cutting machine, it is primarily designed for cutting standard metal pipes (round pipes, rectangular pipes, elliptical pipes, etc.), profiles (channel steel, angle steel, etc.), and some irregularly shaped pipes using laser technology.

With the recovery of the domestic economy and the upgrading of technology in traditional manufacturing industries, the demand for laser cutting equipment continues to rise across various sectors. Laser cutting technology is gradually replacing traditional cutting techniques and has become the mainstream process. These machines can efficiently, precisely, and stably cut and bend different materials of pipes, increasing production efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs. The rapid development of the Chinese economy has made it a high-industrial pillar in the laser market, achieving annual growth rates of over 20%, marking a new starting point in the global laser market.

Last year, China’s foreign trade exports saw significant growth, which in turn drove the development of various industries such as fitness equipment, steel and wooden furniture, kitchenware, and sanitary ware. The increase in orders has greatly expanded the application space for lasers and, consequently, presented new opportunities for laser tube cutting machine technology to evolve.

Laser tube cutting systems can cut any pre-programmed shape on stainless steel pipes, and lasers can achieve perfect cutting in any direction with contour accuracy of up to ±0.05mm. The desired shapes can be flexibly and quickly changed through computer programming and design. The high flexibility of laser tube cutting machines provides strong technical support for an increasing number of personalized processing needs, reducing the use of molds. Compared to traditional processing methods, laser tube cutting offers several advantages:

  1. Smooth cuts with no burrs, fine seams, and minimal material wastage.
  2. Non-contact processing with minimal heat-affected zones, resulting in almost no deformation.
  3. High cutting efficiency, suitable for batch production.
  4. Excellent flexibility with specialized CNC systems and nesting programming software, allowing for product changes or replacements at any time.

As a result, professional laser tube cutting machines can replace equipment and hard tools used in various metal pipe processing processes such as mechanical drilling, milling, sawing, punching, or deburring. They can handle tasks like cutting, chamfering, grooving, hole drilling, marking, and processing other size and shape characteristics for complex tube structures.

In recent years, the technology of leading laser equipment companies has matured, and the industry has become highly competitive, leading to a continuous decline in prices. Since the first laser device was developed and applied in the 1960s, Chinese enterprises, including HGTECH, have been making strides in the laser industry, achieving significant progress on the international stage. With annual growth rates exceeding 20%, China has become a new focal point in the global laser market.

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