Advantages of Laser Pipe Cutting Machine in Special Shaped Pipes

Specially shaped pipes are pipes with non-circular cross-sectional shapes. Compared with traditional circular pipes, their cross-sectional shapes can be square, rectangular, elliptical, etc., providing a more diverse range of shape choices. The cutting of irregular pipes is quite difficult. Some irregular pipes with complex shapes are difficult to achieve the cutting requirements of high precision, fast speed, and low cost using traditional mechanical cutting methods.

At present, the commonly used methods for cutting special-shaped pipes are laser pipe cutting, plasma cutting, or CNC plasma cutting. Among them, CNC plasma rule cutting is a type of automatic cutting of irregular pipes based on computer programs to control the motion trajectory of the cutting head. In comparison, laser pipe cutting machines have the following advantages:

1. High accuracy

Traditional pipe cutting uses manual methods, so each cut part has differences. However, laser processing uses the same set of fixture system, and the processing design is completed by programming software, and multiple steps of processing are completed at once, resulting in high accuracy. In modern manufacturing, accuracy is crucial, and laser processing and forming make each component have the same size.

2. High speed

Laser can cut several meters of pipes in one minute, hundreds of times more than traditional manual methods, which means that laser processing has high efficiency.

3. Flexibility

Laser can flexibly process various shapes, which allows designers to perform complex designs that are unimaginable under traditional processing methods.

4. Batch processing

Traditional processing methods require very cumbersome clamping, while laser tube processing can easily complete the clamping and positioning of several meters long pipes, making batch processing possible. Moreover, this laser equipment theoretically does not limit the length of the pipe during the processing process.

HGTECH laser pipe cutting machine is widely used in the production and processing of special-shaped pipes. Its advantages such as high production and processing efficiency, high cost-effectiveness, and wide production and processing coverage have been recognized by multiple manufacturing industries. In the current era of mass production and multiple types, it will have a wide development trend of indoor space, which can replace mechanical drilling, milling, sawing, and cutting The machining process of equipment and hard tools that require different metal pipe processing, such as stamping or cleaning burrs, enables the cutting, chamfering, grooving or hole cutting, scoring, and other possible size and shape features of complex pipe structures.

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