What are the Advantages of Laser welding Process in High-Tech Manufacturing Industry?

What is High-Tech Manufacturing?

High tech manufacturing refers to the industrial cluster that uses contemporary cutting-edge technologies (mainly information technology, biotechnology, and new materials) to produce high-tech products, with high R&D investment and a large proportion of R&D personnel. According to data statistics, from 2018 to 2021, the growth rate of fixed assets investment in China’s high-tech industry has remained above 10%, of which the growth rate of high-tech manufacturing industry is higher than that of high-tech service industry.

Laser Welding has Higher Accuracy and Efficiency

As a manufacturing technology widely used in the field of electronic and communication equipment, laser welding machine plays an increasingly important role in high-tech manufacturing. Compared to traditional welding techniques,

Firstly, laser welding technology can achieve non-contact welding. This welding method only requires a laser beam to pass through and does not require contact with the workpiece. It can achieve higher efficiency and more accurate welding quality in production and manufacturing.

Second, laser welding technology can be used to weld products of various electronic industries, and the solder joints are beautiful, without defects such as faulty welding and tin bonding. This technology can achieve high-precision welding of FPC thin plates and small devices, and the welding quality is better than traditional welding methods.

Thirdly, laser welding technology can carry out high-precision positioning and control for different workpiece materials. This technology can weld workpieces of various materials, including metal, non-metal, and composite materials. In the welding of different materials, it can ensure welding quality and efficiency.

Fourth, laser welding technology can reduce the thermal impact on the workpiece. This technology has a smaller heat affected area, which can reduce thermal deformation and impact on the workpiece, and improve the quality and efficiency of welding.


The rapid increase of laser welding technology in high-tech manufacturing has brought great benefits to production and manufacturing. It improves the accuracy, efficiency, and quality of manufacturing, making production more environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and intelligent, and helping to promote the development of high-tech manufacturing. With the continuous progress of technology and the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, high-tech manufacturing will play a more important role in more fields in the future. We hope that the development of high-tech manufacturing industry will continue to grow and make more important contributions to the sustainable development of China’s economy.

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