Why Choose a High Power Laser Cutting Machine?

With the pursuit of efficiency and craftsmanship in the entire processing and manufacturing industry, domestic laser cutting technology continues to make breakthroughs. With its unique advantages such as high power, high efficiency, and high stability, ten thousand watt laser cutting machines are warmly sought after by the entire industry. The era of ten thousand watt laser cutting machines has arrived.

At present, the most popular high power laser cutting machine in the market has a power of 12KW, and the market is also moving towards higher power, starting to develop from 12KW to 20KW or even 30KW. Everyone couldn’t help but start thinking, is higher power better? Which power has the highest cost-effectiveness? Which one is more suitable?

Comparison of Cutting Performance between 12KW and 20KW

When choosing a fiber laser cutting machine, it is necessary to consider whether the equipment power can meet your cutting needs. The power of the laser cutting machine is one of the core parameters of the equipment. The materials cut by the fiber laser cutting machine are metal materials, mainly including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum plate, brass, etc. The higher the equipment power, the thicker the cutting thickness, and the faster the cutting speed.

Under auxiliary oxygen conditions, the advantage of a 20KW laser cutting machine is very obvious when cutting 30mm and 40mm carbon steel, with cutting efficiency increased by about 1.5 times and 2 times compared to a 12KW laser cutting machine, respectively.

Under auxiliary air conditions, the laser cutting efficiency of 20KW is twice that of 12KW when cutting 10mm carbon steel. 12KW cannot directly cut 20mm carbon steel. After market testing, cutting 20mm carbon steel not only saves time and labor costs, but also saves about 5 yuan/hour in gas cost compared to oxygen cutting.

When cutting stainless steel, whether it is auxiliary air or nitrogen, the overall advantage of a 20KW laser cutting machine is very obvious. The cutting efficiency is greatly improved compared to 12KW, and most of the efficiency of cutting 10mm to 40mm stainless steel is more than double.

In summary, we can see that the 20KW cutting machine is relatively better than the 12KW cutting machine in terms of cutting thickness and speed in different materials, with high-precision characteristics, which can make the entire cutting process more efficient.

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