Coil Feed Laser Blanking Line Technical Application Details

The advantage of coil fed laser cutting lines not only in their widespread application, but also in their high efficiency and precision.

The Intelligence of Laser Cutting Technology
Laser cutting technology has the characteristics of non-contact, non-destructive, and high-precision. The heat affected area generated during the cutting process is very small, which has a small impact on material deformation and deterioration. The processed products have high precision and stable quality. At the same time, the laser coil flattening and automatic feeding production line also has the advantages of high automation and saving labor costs. On the production line, simply setting the cutting parameters and drawings can automatically complete the cutting work, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing production costs.

HGTECH High speed Laser Intelligent Unwinding and Blanking Line Equipment is a new type of intelligent flexible processing laser cutting and feeding equipment with completely independent intellectual property rights. This product will control multiple laser cutting heads through the system to dynamically cut and drop metal strips on a belt type follow-up cutting platform.

Attention should be paid to the application details of coil fed laser cutting lines
In practical applications, some technical details need to be paid attention to in the laser coil flattening and automatic feeding production line. For example, appropriate cutting parameters should be selected based on the different characteristics of material thickness, hardness, shape, etc; Pay attention to maintaining the cleanliness of the laser cutting head to avoid contaminating the lens with substances such as dust and oil, which can affect the cutting quality. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment, regularly check the operation of the equipment, promptly handle faults, and ensure the normal operation and production efficiency of the equipment.

In addition, the coil laser cutting machine can also achieve non-contact processing without causing damage or deformation to the material surface, which can avoid errors and damage in some traditional mechanical cutting processes.

The application technology of coil fed laser cutting lines is constantly developing and improving, making this technology widely used in many fields. For example, laser cutting is widely used in the automotive industry and can be used to manufacture various components such as car bodies, chassis, and engine hoods.

Overall, coil fed laser cutting line is an advanced and efficient new method of automated processing. In addition to the benefits of automated production, coil fed laser cutting line also has many other advantages. For example, laser cutting has fast speed and high accuracy, can accurately cut various shapes and sizes, and can complete a large number of cutting tasks in a short time.

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