The Diversity Of Laser Cutting Technology

The high-power large-area fiber laser cutting machine combines the advantages of large cutting width and fast cutting speed, and can cut thicker metal sheets with stable performance. It is an inevitable trend in the development of laser cutting technology. In addition to the advantage of cutting thicker and faster, as the laser power increases, the laser cutting process can also create more patterns. For example, the highly acclaimed high-speed bright surface cutting technology and thick plate small hole cutting technology currently available.

Introduction to Two Major Laser Cutting Processes

High power and high-speed bright surface cutting technology (HHB, Highpower, Highspeed, Brightsurface)
When the power is sufficient, a 12kw fiber laser cutting machine uses a small nozzle, low air pressure, and high-power laser to cut different thicknesses of carbon steel plates at high speed, in order to obtain a smooth cutting section and smaller machining taper. Smooth cutting surface facilitates subsequent processing by customers; At the same time, the taper can be basically controlled below 0.2mm on both sides, which better meets customer requirements in certain high-precision processing industries.

Thick Plate Small Hole Cutting Technology
With the extension of high-speed bright surface cutting technology, we have developed a small hole cutting technology for thick plates, which can cut high-quality small holes with a diameter much smaller than the plate thickness on thicker plates. For example, a 12kw fiber laser cutting machine can cut small holes with a diameter of 3-5mm on a 20mm carbon steel plate and can stably process them.

Tips for high-speed bright surface cutting technology
With the continuous development of fiber laser technology, the market’s demand for fiber laser cutting effect is also increasing. The high-speed bright surface cutting process for carbon steel materials is becoming increasingly popular. So how to achieve fast and effective carbon steel bright cutting? Share with everyone the three cutting conditions that must be met:

Small nozzle: double-layer nozzle, between 1.0-2.0mm;
High power: The higher the power, the greater the maximum thickness of the carbon steel bright surface that can be cut, and the efficiency will also be significantly improved;
Atmospheric pressure: mostly between 0.6-1.2 Bar

In practical operation, not only do we need to meet these conditions, but we also need professional debugging to achieve stable and consistent results.

The process parameters of 12kw laser cutting machine involve aspects such as beam quality, cutting speed, cutting thickness, auxiliary gas, spot diameter, and cutting quality. Reasonable selection and adjustment of these parameters can achieve efficient and high-quality laser cutting processing, meeting the cutting needs of different materials and workpieces.

With the continuous increase of market demand and the in-depth application of laser cutting technology, it will further promote the development of laser cutting machines towards high precision and high power.

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