Features Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The most advanced cutting equipment
With the continuous development of the laser industry, the current use of advanced cutting equipment belongs to fiber laser cutting machines. Fiber laser cutting machines can cut metal sheets and other types of materials, whether it is oblique cutting or circular or square tube cutting, can achieve high-precision results and ensure smooth and neat cutting. Therefore, fiber laser cutting machines have advantages in terms of consumables, work efficiency, and cutting effect. Today, let’s talk about the characteristics of fiber laser cutting machines.

Characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine

1. Fiber laser has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, with a conversion efficiency of over 30%. Using air cooling and a 12kw fiber laser cutting machine can save work time consumption, operating costs, and achieve production efficiency.
2. Laser operation only requires energy and does not require the generation of additional gas for the laser, resulting in lower operating and maintenance costs.
3. A fiber laser designed with modular and redundant semiconductors, with no optical lenses in the resonant cavity and no startup time, has advantages such as no adjustment, no maintenance, and high stability, reducing accessory costs and maintenance time, which is on par with traditional lasers.
4. The output wavelength of the fiber laser is 1064 microns, which is 1/10 of the CO2 wavelength. The output beam quality is high, the power density is high, and it is very conducive to absorbing metal materials. The fiber laser cutting machine has excellent cutting and welding ability, so the processing cost is low.
5. The entire machine is transmitted through optical fiber routing, without the need for complex reflectors and other optical guidance systems. The optical path is simple, the structure is stable, and the external optical path is not repaired.
6. The cutting head is equipped with protective lenses, so valuable consumables such as focusing lenses are rarely consumed.
7. Light passes through fiber optic outlets, making mechanical system design very simple and easy to integrate with robots or multi-dimensional workbenches.
8. Fiber laser has small volume, light weight, movable working position, and small coverage area.
9. The laser additive gate can be multiple machines, divided into multiple stations through fiber optic spectrophotometry, which is convenient for expanding functions, upgrading, and simple operation.

Nowadays, fiber laser cutting machines have more diverse functions, which can provide more convenient conditions for the development of production work, making production work simpler and more convenient. The use of fiber laser cutting machines for material production and processing can also achieve higher stability.

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