General Insight of H-shaped Structural Steel

H-shaped structural steel is widely used in construction, industry, shipbuilding and other fields. It has the characteristics of light weight, good stiffness, excellent quality and convenient construction. At present, the commonly used cutting processes for H-shaped steel include manual flame cutting and CNC flame cutting. However, there are problems such as low cutting accuracy, uneven cutting surface, and slag cracks to varying degrees.

Although H-shaped steel cutting machines have been launched on the market, there are still some technical deficiencies in terms of accuracy and craftsmanship. Neither flame cutting nor plasma cutting can guarantee cutting accuracy and cutting effects. Laser cutting ensures its cutting quality with fast speed, high precision, neat and rounded edges and can cut complex graphics, leading to smooth and burr-free work.

  1. High cutting precision: Laser cutting has high precision and small errors. It can accurately cut complex patterns and contours, and is especially suitable for micro processing. In H-beam cutting, laser can accurately complete various delicate cutting tasks, significantly improving production efficiency and product quality.
  2. High efficiency: The laser beam has high power and can quickly cut materials of various thicknesses, including H-shaped steel. In production, H-shaped steel laser cutting machines can significantly shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.
  3. Environmental protection: Laser cutting is a non-contact processing process that does not require the tool to be in direct contact with the material, thus reducing material waste and tool loss. At the same time, it also reduces noise and pollution and is more environmentally friendly.
  4. Strong customizability: Laser cutting can be controlled through computer software, and cutting can be easily customized according to customer needs to meet the diverse needs of customers.

H-shaped steel is widely used in construction, bridges and other fields due to its high strength and stiffness. The application of laser cutting machines has greatly improved the manufacturing efficiency in these fields.

  1. Construction industry: In the construction field, H-shaped steel is widely used in bridges, high-rise buildings and other structures. By using the H-shaped steel laser cutting machine, the required H-shaped steel parts can be cut quickly and accurately, which increases the construction speed and reduces the cost.
  2. Bridge manufacturing: In bridge manufacturing, H-shaped steel is an important structural material. Using the H-beam laser cutting machine, H-beams of various shapes and sizes can be accurately cut, ensuring high precision and efficiency in bridge manufacturing.
  3. Large equipment manufacturing: In large equipment manufacturing, such as cranes, excavators, etc., H-shaped steel is the main support and transmission structural material. By using H-shaped steel laser cutting machines, the required H-shaped steel parts can be provided quickly and accurately, promoting the progress of large-scale equipment manufacturing.
  4. Metal products industry: In the metal products industry, such as automobile manufacturing, petrochemical industry, etc., H-shaped steel is widely used in various structures. The use of H-shaped steel laser cutting machines has significantly improved the production efficiency of these industries.

In summary, H-shaped steel laser cutting machines have been widely used in industries such as construction, bridge manufacturing, large equipment manufacturing, and metal products due to their high precision, high speed, and high efficiency, promoting the progress of industrial manufacturing. With the continuous development of science and technology, we have reason to believe that the application prospects of H-shaped steel laser cutting machines will be broader.

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