HGTECH and Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd. Signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On October 18th, Huagong Tech Company Limited (referred to as ‘HGTECH’) and Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as ‘ZPMC’) signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. The signing ceremony was attended by the Party Secretary of ZPMC, Hui Kai; the Party Secretary and Chairman of HGTECH, Ma Xinqiang; the Vice President of ZPMC, Lu Hanzhong; and the Party Committee Member and Vice President of HGTECH, Xiong Wen.

ZPMC is a well-known enterprise in the heavy equipment manufacturing industry and is one of the world’s largest heavy equipment manufacturers. The company owns 26 units of 6 to 10-ton level whole-machine transport ships, capable of transporting large products across the seas to various parts of the world. Its main business covers port machinery, offshore engineering, offshore wind power, and civil smart technology, among other areas.

ZPMC’s Party Secretary, Hui Kai, warmly welcomed Chairman Ma Xinqiang and his delegation from HGTECH. He provided an overview of ZPMC’s development and resource advantages. He emphasized ZPMC’s commitment to implementing strategies for the high-end, intelligent, and environmentally friendly development of the manufacturing industry. Leveraging digitalization and intelligent manufacturing transformation, the company aims to drive management reform, quality improvement, and efficiency enhancement, continuously enhancing its value creation capabilities. He expressed the hope for increased collaboration to jointly promote the green and low-carbon transformation of the manufacturing industry.

Chairman Ma Xinqiang expressed his gratitude for the warm reception from ZPMC. He provided an overview of HGTECH’s development history, strategies, core businesses, innovative achievements, and talent development. He highlighted HGTECH’s strong focus on high-level self-reliance in technology and active alignment with national development strategies. He noted the resonance in strategic philosophies between HGTECH and ZPMC, expressing a desire for mutual learning and cooperation.

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