HGTECH Announces Participation in Eight Major Exhibitions in June, 2024

 Overseas Activities for Q2

HGTECH’s overseas exhibitions for Q2 is here. Check out where we’ll be spreading our tech magic next!
Participation in Exhibitions in June
 ITM Poznan – Poland
 BIEMH – Spain
 Win Eurasia – Turkey
 Demo Metal Vest – Romania
 Fabtech – Toronto, Canada
 SMM Automotive Supply Chain – Bangkok, Thailand
 Nepcon Thailand – Bangkok, Thailand
 Qingdao International Machine Tool Fair – Qingdao, China

HGTECH Products to be Exhibited

Product: Marvel Pro Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Application: Efficient cutting for ultra-large panel materials, widely used in industries such as engineering machinery, automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding, and rail transportation.
Product Highlight:
High-performance stable structure + High-performance intelligent bus system + Powerful expert laser process database
Product: SMART HW Series Handheld Laser Welding Machine
Application: Widely applicable in welding for kitchenware, hardware sheet metal, signage, handicrafts, automotive repair manufacturing, rail transportation, and other industries.
Product Highlight:
Compact design + Easy installation and simple operation + High safety + High efficiency + Low welding consumables + Long lifespan
Product: SMART 3015 Pro Laser Cutting Machine
Application: It can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, electrolytic sheet, brass, aluminum, various alloy sheets, rare metals and other metals.
Product Highlight:
Autofocus laser cutting head without manual focusing + Small deformation and extremely high precision + Active anti-collision function
Application: Degreasing the surface of stainless steel wheel hub; Engine block coating removal; Removing welding oxide layer from stainless steel; Bearing oil removal
Product Highlight:
Equipped with LIDAR which enables detection + Enable automatic cleaning by the robot with 3D machine vision + Equipped with anti-collision sensors + Collect smoke and dust

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